Wednesday, July 27, 2016

the Obama eulogy of the Clinton epitaph

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As Tim Kaine was practicing the politics of hate in two languages, American and Mexican, in attacking Donald Trump with low brow "Believe  me" chant, and praising how great Bernie Sanders is............well as Bernie was soaking in the adoration from Tim Kaine, Bernie was busy with this:

The nomination was barely sealed up at the Democratic National Convention before Bernie Sanders, who had campaigned against Hillary Clinton for the party’s nod, went back to being an Independent.

So you get this, Bernie Sanders gave a big FU to Tim Kaine and Democrats. Sanders sat there in the best seats, took the praise from this idiot Tim Kaine, and Bernie Sanders was not a Democrat at all, but an Independent, because the Democrat Party DOES NOT REPRESENT THE VALUES OF BERNIE SANDERS.

How can anyone believe ........the Hillary's choice that David Brooks called rhetorically uncreative and flat..........Tim Kaine, when Kaine is vouching for Sanders and sounding like a brain injured donor cycle survivor or a hateful soul in outrage like the Muslim terrorists.

We know for certain now the reason Bill Clinton picked Tim Kaine for Vice President. Tim Kaine is not very intelligent, not very Catholic charitable and not very attractive.

We can now sees the signs of Joe Biden replacing Barack Obama and the image. Joe Biden did not endorse Hillary Clinton or Tim Kaine. Tim Kaine offended everyone, and the Obama a video presentation was the glorification of the image of Obama, and absolutely NOTHING to do with Hillary Clinton.

Joe Biden did the narration as the next President, with Tim Kaine being the lawn, and image Obama being the dog taking a shit on the Clinton Kaine nomination.

Bill Clinton wanted as sock puppet and got one in Tim Kaine. The Obama regime intrigue though provided a speech for Tim Kaine, like the entire convention which alienated America left and right.

Tim Kaine is too stupid to comprehend he played the fool and looked the fool.

A sea of Obama signs is not how one installs Hillary Clinton no more than Tim Kaine as Vice President.

If you need proof that this was not Obama, it kept gesturing with it's right hand, not the left that Obama is supposed to be.

"Wow daddy you have changed so much".

Quote: The Obama girls

This was the Obama eulogy of the Clinton epitaph.

- Lame Cherry