Thursday, July 28, 2016

too much of a Hillary thing

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a phenomena known as the HRC Effect which has been prevalent around Hillary Clinton her entire life, and it is a reality which goes beyond her hairy legs or being a Cougar Lezbo, it is a reality that the more the public sees Hillary Clinton, the less they like her.

This first surfaced on a national scale in America during the early Clinton co Presidency, in pollsters found that the more Hillary Clinton appeared before the cameras and media, the more her poll numbers plunged. It became so utterly a dead weight on Bill Clinton, that the White House literally removed Hillary Clinton from public viewing for 6 months. The Hamrod literally disappeared and by amazing effect in her being gone for half a year, her poll numbers rose 20 points.

This is the reality of 2016 in why the DNC constantly put the debates in time slots when no one would see Hillary. While Donald Trump set record audiences and his polling kept rising with his victories, the exact opposite was for Mrs. Clinton. The more she grappled with Bernie Sanders and the more she appeared with attack ads, the more her numbers began plunging.

Literally, the GOP elite spent all of June trying to destroy Donald Trump, with fake polling, racist smears and making donors with hold donations, but in the end all the devious and dirty work the GOPliters unleashed, there was one factor which checked every dirty trick they initiated, and that was Hillary Clinton began giving speeches on Donald Trump in her matron condescending voice, and immediately her polls started plunging and Donald Trump's numbers began rising effectively for a beyond the margin of error lead.

This Hillary Effect was so scorched earth that the ultra liberal, Gary Johnson of the sodom and gomhashish party was wiped off the books, as it dawned on those voters what a loser Johnson was, and that meant Hillary would be in the White House, so those voters wised up quickly and surged toward Donald Trump.

There is a vast problem in this for Hillary Clinton in she is running for President. She can hide behind the true democratic female of Elizabeth Warren as her Vice President, but it is a reality of can the Warren Effect overcome the Hillary Effect.
In serious examination of this, Sarah Palin could not overcome John McCain and vote fraud. It is a point that while Elizabeth Warren can keep Hillary Clinton in the race by keeping Hamrod hidden, the reality is Hillary is going to have to come out and debate Donald Trump several times, and once again Americans will see the woman they loathe.

There are all sorts of reason Americans do not like Hillary Clinton. Butch lesbians hate her, because she got lipstick lezbo Huma, and all they get are manshes. Women hate Hillary because Mrs. Clinton is the bitch who was either screwing their husband at work, making them stay at work while she went off to a Chelsea recital, or Hillary is the shrew who would not let her husband go be with the other woman.
Men do not like Hillary, because Bill Clinton can not stand the woman as she drove him to rape nuttery and he had to find real women, who left the other guys waiting around, as Bill got satisfied.

It is a hell of a thing to run for President and have everyone reminded of why they hate you, and your only voting block are children too stupid to know not to trust Aunt Hillary spiking their drinks and old feminists who ruined their own lives and every one elses lives to be miserable.

Hillary used to be able to get away with it when she got a makeover, stuffed her bra to look like she had big tits, and tried to look pretty. She got away with it, until she would open her mouth ranting on retard kids, rednecks giving her razorback earrings and or degrading all women for being women as " baking cookies and stand by your woman man".
Now Mrs. Clinton is just this image of this dying hag. She looks old. She looks like she pulls the wings off butterflies. She sounds like a substitute teacher lecturing the smart 7 year olds and she sounds like she is hacking up a lung most days.
All people do not want a Gramma like this, so they certainly do not want something like this in the White House.

It gets worse too, because Hillary Clinton is just creepy. She is like Obama laughing and bragging about the torture and murder of Col. Khadaffi. People start remembering that stuff when they look into Hillary Clinton's eyes and think, "This woman might be psycho".
Then there are the Clinton dead bodies appearing again. As if on cue like Hillary's plunging poll numbers, there is another Clinton crime investigation and sure enough, a Clinton assistant who is to testify, ends up strangled in his home by a dumb bell.  Well at least he was not shot twice like Vince Foster committing suicide.

So that is the reality of 2016. The DNC in Philadelphia is going to be trying to camouflage  Mrs. Clinton behind all of the people that Democrats would rather be voting for. To appease that disappointment, Hillary Clinton will pick the real democratic woman in Elizabeth Warren to hide behind, but then again how does Hillary Clinton hide in numerous debates with Donald Trump, who America does like.

So Hillary Clinton's poll numbers continue to plunge on good days and the bottom falls out on bad days. Hillary Clinton faces a reality that the closer Americans get to the November election, the more they will get cold feet like someone marrying their cheating spouse for the third time.

image Obama at least made liars think they weren't racists and people always felt good to see Obama going away. With Hillary Clinton she makes misogynists happy they hate her and everyone dreads to see her coming.

Hillary Clinton can not hide in running for President. That is her doom in people have to see her and when they do, they do not like her.

I have stated before that the better looking candidate gets 15 points in any election as people vote pretty. Hillary Clinton begins this with 15% off the boards, and it continues to drop with every commercial and appearance.
In 2012 Barack Obama smeared Mitt Romney in June, and that set the stage for election theft of that 5% Obama margin. Hillary Clinton with the GOPliters attempted the same smear on Donald Trump, and Donald Trump rose in the polls further with all the negative press.

Hillary Clinton is like a ghastly traffic accident running in the background. No matter what the MOG's keep trying to show you in Donald Trump, everyone is freaking out about the gore of Hillary Clinton assaulting their visuals.

Mrs. Clinton can not be an invisible candidate. She has this ego that is like someone chewing in your face and she keeps sticking her face in your face, because she can not help it. The more America sees of Hillary Clinton, the more of a margin she will be defeated by.

That is the reality of too much of a Hillary thing.