Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Papists of Poland

persecutions and cruelties, exercised upon Protestants by the Papists ...

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So much has been forgotten. So very much.

Once upon a time when the Papists ruled Poland and the Jew owned all, they made war on the Christian Russians from the west and the Tartar Muslim made war on Christians from the south.

It was in those times and those days, that the Cossack met with an end in Warsaw where their crosses were pulled from the bodies, and inventive ways were created to execute them before the cheering Poles.

Sometimes they would be bound, their right arm cut off with the axe and then the head was chopped off.

Sometimes the Christian was bound, and placed in a sort of bbq grill, preheated, and then closed upon them, as they were roasted alive.

Sometimes they were burned at the stake.

Sometimes the Christian was bound to an X shaped cross, each limbs bones were smashed with a club, and then a meat hook was jammed into the chest, just below the sternum to miss the heart, and then the cross and the Christian were hoisted up, and the executioner would bounce the Christian, impaling him further on the meat hook, so death might come as the Christian hung there.

History is not that long ago, and history awaits in the future in the very same means and ends.

The papists.