Saturday, July 30, 2016

That Which Destroyed Hitler Destroys You

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As the machinations of Angela Merkel and image Obama have brought the start of genocide of the Western Peoples, the Peoples of the West are awakening to the dangers which they face, and a movement has begun in the Alternative Right which linked with the work by media as Jeff Rense, have begun to inform the public that perhaps Adolf Hilter was not the man the propaganda has smeared him as.

I include this story of Dr. Joseph Goebbels in one of many experiences the German leader had with his people. In reading the fact that all of us have been lied to about who Adolf Hitler was completely, it now begins in this danger of the West's demise are an examination of Hitler warring against these extreme leftists was right, as the West is under siege from the same threat.

This is a historical insight of the real Adolf Hitler, the man the leadership viewed as a messianic figure sent to save Germans, and how this man connected with his people and the world.

One of a hundred such episodes comes to mind. It is around ten o'clock at night as The Leader is driving towards Wiirzburg after a marchpast in Meiningen. Then, in the glow of the headlights, we see two SA men marching along. The Leader stops the car. They are asked where they are going. To the nearest railway station. My comrade can't walk much further. We still have three hours ahead of us. Then jump in! They have no idea whose guests they are. We ask them a number of trivial questions. Then we ask them if they have already seen The Leader. Yes, today, during the marchpast. The car stops, we have reached our destination. The Leader, who is sitting in the front, calls to them and presses a sum of money into their hands.

Then, in the darkness of the night, a small ray of light illuminates The Leader's face. The two SA men are paralysed. Wasn't it The Leader who had just spoken to them? Yes, it's him! No words can pass their lips. They are overcome by joy. I put my foot on the accelerator and we drive off into the dark night.

As we turn a curve we see the two of them still standing motionless on the side of the road, dumbfounded by what they have just experienced.

 Joseph Goebbels: Life of a Leader
If we were lied about who Hitler was, are experiencing the genocide of the Western Peoples instigated by the same forces which Adolf Hitler was fighting against for German survival, it is proper to examine who really was the sinister force, as the West was not destroyed by Hitler, and the West is now being destroyed by those who destroyed Hitler.