Thursday, July 21, 2016

There's Our Girl

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 9.18.04 AM (1)

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Ah yes, I recognize the beauty of the German Slavic woman finally being awakened in our girl, Ivanka. Certainly she likes to be in the ivory tower cocktail crowd, showing moderation and trying to moderate the Hermann out of her father, but in the above photo we see the lovely Trump women on display as Ted Cruz is trashing their Germanic clan, and their expressions are the awakening of what America requires of Ivanka Trump.

Certainly she has made mistakes in threatening her adversaries in public, instead of plotting to have Chris Christie, give her a security clearance to run the Bush Sub Operational Groups to destroy the enemies of America, and in the above Ivanka is captured with a looks could castrate moment, and in this I see hope.

There is hope in this, in real change for America in a D 10 Caterpillar  appearing at the Trump Education Facility on Plum Island, where events like Ted Cruz stripped naked, covered in ticks, and having a cord tied around his testicles as Ivanka Trump drives the Big Cat around teaching Ted Cruz things like being polite and how to beg for his life.

I am certain that Ivanka could find a nice Jewish man, a banker, who would wed Heidi Cruz and provide a good father figure to the former Cruz children as Ivanka does love children.

This though is about our girl and I relish this side of our girl. This is a girl who will in time take off her Manafort leash and hang him with it. This is a girl who once she steps into the street fighting which she was born to, will find all sorts of lovely activities to become involved in to take America back and make America safe again.

I just hope this does not lapse so a further lesson will not be needed which is going to place the Trump family in great peril, as the GOPliters are coming for this family and while President Elect can play nice, his children are going to have to be the smiling faces of the people who do the dirty work in eliminating those traitors who have caused all of this genocide in America.

Very good Ivanka, you just wrap that finger around triggers and other lovely things and never forget you are in a world now which makes public displays of JFK's brains on Dallas streets and drowns old CIA directors in the river before they can finish their supper.

Always pretend in public Ivanka like your father that you are never affected, and then in private you strike hard, quick and ruthless, so your enemies never know it is coming and no one ever knows it was you.

You will soon have access to the resources to order things done in being above the law, and to specialists who will have your adversaries pissing themselves in being so frightened.