Thursday, July 21, 2016

President Donald J. Trump*367/578547162-donald-trump-address-RNC.jpg

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It would only aide those trying to destroy you in making this assessment known to you of the acceptance speech of Donald J. Trump in what I was Inspired to notice.

Donald Trump, I have noticed has changed this week in Cleveland. He has become President. He is more imposing and literally has become the President. His acceptance speech was magnificent. Of all the Presidential speeches accepting the nomination which has been available for review, from Republicans and Democrats, this out distances even Bill Clinton's ability move a crowd.
In the past over 100 years, Donald Trump's speech was the greatest of all in American politics.

I was attempting to figure out who Donald Trump reminded me of as I studied him, in going through American leaders, and no one compares. Even Ronald Reagan could not match the intensity.

I hesitate in making this known as it will be misused, but this part I will reveal, as the greatest orators in the 20th century were not Americans, but were an Italian and a German. I first thought that Donald Trump reminded me of the mastery of Adolf Hitler, who studied the art form over a decade, but it did not completely match, and then it dawned on me in the delivery and posing, it came to me that this is El Duce, the great Benito Mussolini who moved a nation called Italy to the revival of the Roman Empire.

For what America faces, it is going to take this type of confidence and affiliation with the people of America and the world. If the world faces the Great Tribulation, it is going to require a man of this stature which Donald Trump is become.

It has been the oddest of realities in all of Donald Trump, because he has lived this campaign as if he knew he was already President, and those with enough insight have from the start, waited for the first primary from the day of announcement, and when the primary arrived wanted the nomination to be over and now with the convention, want the election over. It is a reality that America is  ready for President Donald Trump as much as the world is.

I stated before this all started that the weak shadow of Obama would pass, as great leaders would begin to arise if this is the End  Times. Vladimir Putin now has Donald Trump, and Europe is raising up nationalists of like character as it will require leaders to accomplish this.

It is about the moment to release this creation to the time line.