Monday, July 4, 2016

To the Political Suicidist: The Conchurian Candidate

Boy Shapiro should gain some manhood before he decides to pick a fight with the adults by insulting them in being "soft" for being wise enough to discern that Donald Trump is Americas only chance to survive.


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Ben Shapiro was doing more of the devil Clinton's work and from the postings on his speech, it saddens me that there are not just MOG's, but still numbers of Cruz cultists who are now filled with such a frenzy of self destruction, that they with glee are so out of touch with reality, that their satisfaction at trying to destroy Donald Trump, does not even register that they will obliterate themselves and the entire Conservative movement.

I attempt to do my part in walking into the lion's den in posting the following plea, reposted here, because I sincerely care about these people who honestly need protection from themselves. They have been triggered by Robert Mercer's mind control programs for Ted Cruz and in a frenzy are obsessed that Donald Trump and the Alt Right are the danger.

I do not believe there is any getting through to these CONCHURIAN CANDIDATES, in even telling them they are killing themselves literally. They are deceived, filled with a lust for destruction and are orgasmic over it like a rapist. They are on an emotional fast burn and charged electric to burn out.
I feel pity for them and as much revulsion as their rabid nature stands a chance of genociding each of us.

For all of the people praising Ben Shapiro, answer the question as this group has you falling on your sword. How many times has Ben Shapiro called you? When are you going out to lunch with Ted Cruz?
I sincerely want the Conservatives to understand a reality, that you are a commodity for  profit in surfing and that is all you are to every one of these  litmus test leaders you are defending.
Ben Shapiro is paid, by billionaires who made a fortune in Wall Street from Obama looting the US Treasury and that is why they are against Donald Trump and preying on each of you, as you are rightly upset, but your furor is being misdirected in order to install Hillary Clinton to protect these national rapists as Donald Trump is going to raise taxes on them as Ronald Reagan did.
If you put Hillary Clinton into the White House to spite Donald Trump, you are destroying yourselves as Mrs. Clinton is not going to give up power. She will bribe the masses like Bill did and Ben Shapiro will have his grand life as Big Koch will, and you will be in 3rd world America competing with Mexicans and Muslims as the last American generation.
You do not have to like Donald Trump, but Ben Shapiro is no friend of yours. Your best outcome is to donate money to your Conservative candidates and to Donald Trump, so when they win, and you have issues, they will then listen to you as your name is on the list. If you fall on your swords, then it will be your Conservative movement hijacked by these frauds who are employed to manipulate you and to mind you, in order to exploit you.
It is easy to be a smart ass. It is easy to tear things down. It takes work though to make certain as my efforts are to make certain that Conservatism lives with Donald Trump picking all Conservatives from Vice President to the Supreme Court.
I am a Christian Conservative. I helped found the Tea Party. I helped override Karl Rove in order to put Sam Alito on the Supreme Court. I have been engaged in providing you children the opportunity you now have and I am asking you to stop killing yourselves as Ben Shapiro and his group are leading you over the edge for. Find a way to make your own art of the deal in loading the Trump Administration with all Conservatives, because if you do not, you are going to be in the wilderness for 8 years an a target of the Clinton machine Homeland watch lists.

Ben Shapiro is the antithesis of Ronald Reagan Cowboy America, for Shapiro is not like Reagan in being intimate with guns or horses, so he has no existential experience for Reagan Blue State America. What he is, as are all these suits on the loose is a Dinesh D'Souza floppy drive fiction from urbania social media discovered that there could be profit made in sealing Faust deals to herd Conservatives.

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