Saturday, July 2, 2016

Trump White Paper: Power Grid Protection

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John suggested this awhile back and as this is a subject which people have talked to death in fear mongering,  I had to consider what I could add to this subject as I never will allow this blog to repeat the vomit from other authors, as that is a charade in commenting on things, if one can not add reasonable progressions of the idea for the good of the conversation.

The subject is the American power grid, and a way of dealing with an EMP from the sun or from some weapon from satankind. I will explain a base structure in this, so that everyone is on the same page.

Basically EMP is an electronic charge, akin to your being smacked in the face, which shuts down your nerves and you get knocked out. The same thing happens with electrical charges in the atmosphere caused by the sun or various manmade weapons, which then are like a lightning strike in frying all of your computers and big screen televisions.

EMP though is in the air, so it will burn out the newer computer cars and other appliances, unless it is housed in a Faraday cage, which is nothing more than like a box trap, or metal mesh wire which absorbs the EMP, so it will not burn out your Big Screen.

Obviously you can not put your house into a cage, as it would make a great lightning conductor and cost a fortune, so the reality is I believe harkens back to an economic stimulus for Americans, everyone building as a tax deduction their own storm shelters, which would house back up things for your home from food and water, to appliances.
This would then protect Americans to 90% of the population for two months and that would be more than enough time required for the Phase II of this Trump White Paper.

In best assessment and EMP is not going to melt wires for your electrical grid. It probably will burn down numbers of homes, and blow up those black transformers you see on electric polls, but the base wire structure is something which will remain intact.
Breaker boxes which you have in your homes, should trip in most instances, but I believe in addition, that power companies should be required to have surge protectors on the lines coming into your home. If a greater surge like lightning or EMP comes in the line, this super breaker would trip, and at least keep more homes from burning up.
It will have to be assessed, but all home electricity is grounded to complete the circuit, and there could also be added an emergency ground wire which would bleed this EMP into the soil.

The point in this, is to not cost trillions of dollars in upgrades, but finding a way to protect the system infrastructure and homes, so that power will be up in days, if not a few weeks.

What the big structure of power stations and power plants must be required to create would be underground back ups for those massive substations, and the workings for the main power plants protected in Faraday cages.
In addition each community will be required to have in these emergency bases, enough transformers to replace the ones which would explode. For those who do not know what a transformer is, it is just a big metal barrel filled with oil.

Certainly it must be assessed for America, to reason that she could replace the main system parts, and another EMP might be initiated. The reality is though, that with houses having major breakers, substations have major breakers, and these back up system, the power grid would be functional, and this would dissuade an enemy from attacking as it would not have a purpose, and double solar storm would be billions of odds against it, in hitting America twice.

President Trump speaks about infrastructure, and this type would cost in the trillion dollar range, but it would be money pumped back into America in real jobs, paying higher wages, with the addition of protecting 90% of the population from dying of exposure, drinking dirty water or riot. The military would not be required in martial law as the public would remain secure in continuity of government, and could then be full force to thwart any enemy attempting to exploit the situation.

There really is not a great deal to remedy this. It is just creating a secondary main structure, and then protecting the American homes from surges. It would not require all of these Faraday cages, as the storm shelters would be grounded and unplugged, and homes would survive.

This concludes this Trump White Paper in Power Grid Protection.