Sunday, July 3, 2016

Trump White Paper: Trump by the Numbers

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is going to provide an analysis, not for the Trump campaign victory operations in the main strategy, but to provide a voting spike in addition to the trends already established for Donald Trump.

I am going to tell you something which should surprise you in, forget about the swing states, that Americans are always brainwashed over, just like these "Independents" of 3% that are supposed to hinge all elections on.

I have already laid out the voting block in the Trump White Paper for the National Strategic Coal Reserve, a strategy to restart the American economy and appeal to a block of electoral college states, to secure them absolutely for Donald Trump, the purpose being in such margins that vote fraud will not be able to be initiated.

The link to this is national security when it links to alternative fuels as ethanol and bio diesel, which many of these states include as well as coal, oil and gas. Creating a security block in voting margins which can not be stolen in election fraud, cements this for Donald Trump.

President Bush in national security, America must no longer fund terrorists. The American economy must be energy secure and that includes oil production, gas production, coal production and alternative fuels in bio ethanol and bio diesel.
Ethanol produces 15,594 million gallons per year. That money stays in America, with American jobs and American self sufficiency not funding terrorists.

27 states produce bio fuels.

1 Iowa 3,948.0 million gallons
2 Nebraska 2,119.0
3 Illinois 1,635.0
4 Minnesota 1,190.0
5 Indiana 1,163.0
6 South Dakota 1,041.0
7 Kansas 552.0
8 Wisconsin 537.0
9 Ohio 528.0
10 North Dakota 465.0
11 Texas 390.0
12 Michigan 273.0
13 Missouri 271.0
14 Tennessee 225.0
15 California 223.75
16 New York 169.0
17 Oregon 150.0
18 Colorado 127.0
19 Georgia 120.0
20 Pennsylvania 110.0
21 Virginia 60.0
21 Idaho 60.0
22 Mississippi 54.0
23 Arizona 50.0
24 Kentucky 36.0
25 New Mexico 30.0
26 Wyoming 10.0
27 Florida 8.0

What the Lame Cherry is now going to lay out is absolute proof that Donald Trump will win the General Election, without a doubt. It is all in the numbers and Donald Trump has the electoral college numbers in worst case and in best case scenarios.

29 Florida
16 Georgia
9 Alabama
6 Mississippi
8 Louisiana
6 Arkansas
10 Missouri
11 Tennessee
8 Kentucky
9 South Carolina
15 North Carolina
5 West Virginia
20 Pennsylvania
14 New Jersey
11 Indiana
20 Illinois
38 Texas
7 Oklahoma
6 Kansas
5 Nebraska
3 South Dakota
3 North Dakota
5 New Mexico
11 Arizona
6 Nevada
3 Wyoming
3 Montana
4 Idaho
3 Alaska
4 Hawaii


I withheld, California, Mormon Utah, Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Deleware, Maryland, DC. I even witheld New York, which Mr. Trump will win in 29 electoral votes.

Odds are that Mr. Trump will win the following states decisively:

4 Maine
4 New Hampshire
7 Connecticut
18 Ohio
10 Wisconsin
12 Washington
7 Oregon

62 votes

I can take away Illinois, and it comes down to 268, and put in any variables as New Hampshire, and Donald Trump wins at 272.

In worst case, Donald Trump will be President with 272 votes, but when this breaks toward Mr. Trump as it will, as it already has, the numbers will be minimum 350 and more prone to the 390 to 400 delegates.

538 total votes, and Mr. Trump in worst case wins with 272 votes and in best case trends a landslide, in the 400 delegate range.

I will state this factually, there is not any way criminally in vote fraud, with Ted Cruz intrigue, or fairly in "first woman as president", that Hillary Clinton can not win the United States Presidency in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.
Mrs. Clinton can not win the popular vote and Mrs. Clinton can not win the States required to become President. Mrs. Clinton can not win the electoral college numbers.

The only American who will accomplish this is Donald Trump.

It would be advisable for the intrigue criminals as Mormons in Utah, Democrats in Virginia and Browners in California to be well aware that stealing a state for Hillary Clinton or the ultra leftist Gary Johnson, will be under the full investigation of the Trump Justice Department. This election fraud is going to be obliterated in America, as Americans have had enough of it in Hillary stealing it from Bernie and Cruz trying to steal it for Hillary in his 2020 run. 

The reality is, Donald Trump, by the numbers, is going to be the next President of these United States.

This is the Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. This is the first time this has been made public, and it explains why the insiders have been so intense on running these election manipulating smears, as Melania Trump was right when she informed her husband, that he is going to win.

Believe, President Donald Trump, First Lady, Melania Trump.