Sunday, July 3, 2016

Globalist Phallus upon which the Cuckservative Sucks!/fileImage/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/16x9_1180/clinton-trump-tweet-star.jpg

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I never knew Warner Todd Huston was such a cuck. I used to have some respect for you, but your continuously harping on Donald Trump for Hillary Clinton is just more of your racism of the cuckservative class.

The Magen David has nothing to do with Judahites. It is an occult symbol of they mystery religion as part of the false tree of life, which became associated with practioners of the art. It was branded on the Jews, because it was the symbol of the Ashkenaz Rothschilds in their financial cult of the illuminated one they work for to appear.
The Rothschilds paid for the Israeli Supreme Court by their design of an ancient cultic temple.

So Warner Todd Huston should stop being an ignorant traitor to America, because the Tweet by Donald Trump was spot on, as the Clinton's are conduits of these global rapists who are funding the Warner Todd types, Glenn Beck types, Paul Ryan types, Dave Blount  types to begin the process of exterminating Americans, and replacing them with Muslims and Mexicans.
This type of geo social policy began in the region of the six pointed star in the forced removal of the Lost 10 Tribes and that is where the Samaritans appeared from and why the Judahites hated them.

Two months ago Mr. Huston predicted Donald Trump would not be able to transition to a Presidential candidate and as of today, Mr. Trump is beating  Hillary Clinton in Rasmussen polls........after all the backstabbing of these cucks for Clinton.

There was not any backlash in this in the least. There was just more cucks for Clinton running cover for the globalist phallus they suck on.

This is the same nonsense of that Thor who was threatening the assassination of Donald Trump with Glenn Beck on Tom Greshom's show Gun Talk, stating that he hoped for another candidate that the GOP Convention.
So you Cruz cucks get this through your delusional brains, THERE IS NOT GOING TO BE AN ALTERNATIVE CANDIDATE. Donald Trump is the nominee. What this Huston sniping and Thor griping is about, is for the GOPliters to try and force Donald Trump to pick another treacherous George HW Bush for the ticket to bring ruin to Mr. Trump as they did to Mr. Reagan.

For Americans and a world that desires the Truth and not to have the thought police raiding every comment or censoring people for pointing out the realities, Donald Trump was right again as was William Shakespeare in the Merchant of Venice and if one bothers to review the control of the biggest banking and financial syndicates on the planet, who have under Obama looted 20 trillion dollars from Americans, control the Vatican finances and control OPEC Muslim billions...........

And this is the Rothschild family crest with the Magen David in the top left, along with the Rothschild branding the Jewish state as their property in that official flag of the Israeli state.