Tuesday, July 12, 2016

We were Sanders voters once........and hoped.

I'll get you my pretties!!!!

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I really feel kinship with the Bernie Sanders voters, as they have struggled so long to free themselves from Obama and Clinton, and then to have Bern "give the Bern to his backers" is really something I would not expect from people in Vermont.
Then again Bernie Sanders wrote about women liking being raped, so maybe it was Sander's erotic writings that inspired Bill to show his slick willy to the girls to terrify them.

The kinship as someone who began the defeat Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton time line is worse, as Donald Trump is surging past Hamrod Clinton in her crimes with .....well young people, old people, women, men, democrats, republicans, blacks, latins, asians, muslims.........and a Federal Court upheld the nomination process in delegates must vote for who the PEOPLE voted for, to end this intrigue to destroy the GOP, in the way the cartel is still moving to split the democratic party in putting this crook Clinton in charge again.

Look I like Sidney Blumenthal. Who could not like a man who hates everyone and is a savage Jew.......while Bernie is just a likeable Jew who sells his followers out like the Elders did to the Nazi in World War II.
I like Huma Wiener. Anyone who can put up with Mrs. Clinton and not go off on a rampage like Bill was driven to, has to have something inside her Muslim soul.
Then there is Rahm Emanuel on Hillary's speed dial. He kills black people by the bunches. Who can not like that, and it is good for Chicago commerce in all that undertaker fees.

So I can understand the allure Mrs. Clinton has for Bernie Sanders. I don't know what Bernie sold out for. If he got as good of deal as Mark Dayton in Minnesota for causing the murders in Dallas Texas, but Bernie seems happy, even if his loyal followers are rightly upset.

I mean it is like Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt and when they got trapped on the other side of the pond, handing all the chastity belts to the Babylonians and telling them to rape away as women like that kind of stuff........come to think of it, that is what Bernie just did. He led his follower out to the Obama Muslim and Mexican invaders and handed their vagina and anus combinations to the Clinton criminals and told them to have a go at it until it had the feel of hamburger.

So I know what the Bernie Sanders voters are going through, as I could imagine what it would have been like to be handed over to Ted Cruz and his crimes.....well it is imagine,  because Donald Trump would not ever do such at thing, but say if it was Jeb Bush.......I could see voting for Jeb Bush and being handed over to Ted Cruz, so Jeb could be.......well like head of the ICE videos of jail cell sex. That is about all Jeb would be qualified for with that Nichole Wallace thing.............................but I just do not know what Bernie Berned his followers for as it must have been more than being warden at a women's prison with a 24 hour pass key.

Anyway this is nothing to celebrate in Bernie Sanders voters do have at least something more than Ted Cruz, in Bernie put the leash on and is being led away by Hillary. There is something to be said to be the Judas Bern of this age in leading all the hopes and dreams to oblivion. Think of the poor democrats in having to sit through Hillary Clinton at the convention ragging on like a menstruation cycle on a rage, and then Bernie voters looking down at that ballot in November in seeing Hillary Clinton's name there. It would be I suppose like Jews in forced labor camps getting a ballot to vote for Adolf Hitler.

I do have concern about the Bernie Sander's voters now that they are abandoned, in they have anarchists among them, like the Black Lives Matter in Dallas, and great harm will probably come to them if they get lured to Cleveland.......and my goodness what about those Black White People for Sanders and the White White People for Sanders camping out in Philadelphia.......those 30,000 will probably all be dead by them packing Black Panthers as Eric Holder taught them black folks to take no prisoners.

It is too early to ask Bernie Sander's voters to support Donald Trump, as Mr. Trump does indeed espouse most of what Bernie Sanders does in the end results. It is just that Mr. Trump uses reality in the means to the end, while Bernie uses wishful thinking like confiscating everything so his supporters are poor just like the invaders, and Hillary Clinton watches from her billion dollar Clinton Foundation Perch.

I just would have liked if Bernie Sanders, before he put on the Hillary leash and started barking like a dog, would have said, "My people, I enslave myself for you as I sold out to be Civil Rights Justice of America, a new position where all of you can appeal to me to save yourselves........."
Of course, no one would have believed it after Obamacare time outs, but it would at least give people an illusion or delusion to think Bernie Sanders was like Gandhi and not someone with a name like Iscariot.

That about wraps it up. No gloating here as I thank God that Donald Trump has had another successful week, because that success is something I know the former Sander's voters will vote for, as they have had enough hopes crushed in trusting in Bernie Sanders.