Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Hand in the Dallas Murders

Mark Dayton Holding Organizing Session for Hillary Clinton in ...

Mark Dayton "I am ready for Hillary" I am excited to invite you to support my good friend, Hillary Clinton, in her presidential campaign. ... 2016 Presidential ...

Editor's Note: This is another stand alone exclusive due to the importance of this Clinton multiple homicide.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For those of you who are so programmed that you think everything has to appear in New York, DC or end up with the CFR or Skull and Bones or you will not pay attention, you are the ignorants who play into the mind conditioning, because after all how could the story which brings down Hillary Clinton, being in Minnesota of all locations.

That is the reality though, in if you observe the Hillary Clinton criminal campaign strategy, you will note that early on it focused on Black Lives Matter from the Obama regime, and dovetailed into the Univision and Mexican Judge smears all set about to smear President Elect Donald Trump.

That is why this Philando Castile story is so important, because no one wants to pay attention to Governor Mark Dayton, who started this murder spree which led to Dallas, Texas, because he looks like a corpse and acts like a cracker zombie, and yet there is MODUS OPERANDI  in all what Mark Dayton has engaged in, and this politicizing of the Castile event in Minnesota was ALL about securing the black vote for Hillary Clinton.
One must understand how this is all begun in Minnesota, that criminal voting state, which is in the balance in the big electoral college picture, because no one wants Hillary Clinton on the democratic side, and that is embarrassing, due to the reality that not only was Govenor Mark Dayton the first governor to endorse Hillary Clinton, but the Senator in Amy Klobacher is the woman who first escorted Birther Obama onto center stage, and added to this is Al Franken, the man who perpetuated election theft from fellow Jew, Republican Norm Coleman, so Obama could have his 60 vote filibuster proof majority in the Senate for Obamacare.

See you forgot all of this intrigue, and it is all Minnesota generated.

Which Governors Have Endorsed Hillary Clinton? | Heavy.com

According to FiveThirtyEight.com, MArk Dayton of Minnesota was the first governor to endorse Clinton and that came even before she officially announced her plans to run.

Yes Clinton and Dayton have a long history in Dayton oddly endorsed Hillary Clinton before she even announced, and on cue the entire Minnesota delegation appeared with Mrs. Clinton.

There is a very strong, and long interaction between the Clintons and the Minnesota political delegation.

This was the location that Hillary Clinton chose to promote her book for the presidency.

Hillary Clinton greets big crowd in St. Paul | Minnesota ...

Hillary Clinton met fans and signed copies of her new book, "Hard Choices," at Common Good Books on July 20, 2014. Will Matsuda / MPR News About 1,100 people stood in ...

This is the political group that Mrs. Clinton has invested an immense amount of political capital in.

Hillary Clinton coming to MN for Dayton, Franken - KARE

Minnesota Democrats are calling on Hillary Rodham Clinton to help build enthusiasm among their voters as re-election bids of Gov. Mark Dayton and Sen. Al Franken near ...

This was so intense that John Kerry was fuming in 2008 when Mark Dayton again was in the Clinton political bed against Obama and for Hillary Clinton.

Dayton Endorses Clinton, Angers Kerry - Outside The Beltway

Retiring Senator Mark Dayton has apparently hurt John Kerry's feelings by endorsing Hillary Clinton for president in 2008. JEALOUS KERRY FUMES AS DEM ...

All of this as the Lame Cherry has stated is the Dayton manner, habit,  the Dayton MODUS OPERANDI, in legal terms revealing exactly the process which would lead to a political move by Mark Dayton to throw gasoline on a situation of a black man killed by police in Minnesota, which would lead to the mass murder of police in Republican Dallas Texas.

Hillary Clinton's Minn. 'Leadership Council' Nets Big-Name ...

Both of Minnesota's U.S. senators as well as Gov. Mark Dayton have signed on to a state "leadership council" for Hillary Clinton's campaign for president.

 Ask yourself how many of your states have a Hillary Clinton Leadership Council? Is your entire political establishment in bed with Hillary Clinton? Do you begin to comprehend that something is coordinated in this in the Hillary Clinton camp and the Dayton governorship of Minnesota?

Hillary Clinton Spends Super Tuesday in Minnesota | KSTP TV ...

Hillary Clinton Spends Super Tuesday in ... to young black men living in urban areas. Clinton made the ... Hillary Clinton and Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton meet ...

The most important day in American primaries, and Hillary Clinton chooses to spend the day in Minnesota. The value of the Minnesota connection is deep for Mrs. Clinton. A connection so deep and dangerous, knowing the cackling enjoyment of Mrs. Clinton in the "we came we saw he died" in  the murder of Col. Khadaffi in Egypt, it raises the question after this exchange in Minnesota that Hillary Clinton had with a black lives matter advocate, if Mrs. Clinton decided to retaliate on this group in involving them in murder in Texas.

Hillary Clinton to Black Woman's Question: "Why Don't You Go Run for Something, Then?"

The latest example comes courtesy of a campaign stop she made in Minneapolis on Super Tuesday: The former Secretary of State was confronted in a coffee shop by a young woman later identified as Stacey Rosana, a local organizer and Black Lives Matter activist.
After a brief conversation caught on video, Clinton could be heard exasperatedly telling Rosana, "Why don't you go run for something, then?" Rosana then walked off under the nervous gaze of Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton, who could be seen standing in the background, visibly uncomfortable.

So legally we now have the habit of association to create political events between Clinton and Dayton, and now we have reason to use blacks as a political weapon, as Mrs. Clinton was humiliated in public by Stacey Rosana who was asking a legitimate question, important to the black community which has been devastated under the Obama regime.

But what of the relationship of Blacks in Minnesota to Mark Dayton's regime?

Black leaders say state hasn't acted on racial income gap ...

Black leaders say state has done ... Black political and community leaders on Thursday criticized Gov. Mark Dayton and ... Hillary Clinton will stand by Atlantic ...

Even Mark Dayton was being called out on the criminal repression of Blacks in Minnesota in Blacks there were being repressed on earning a living, exactly as Philando Castile was experiencing in not being paid a living wage by the Minnesota education system, which is a union racket to make college educated teachers high paid, while minorities like Mr. Castile were stuck in jobs like school cook. Blacks in Minnesota had two futures. They could be the Display Nigger like Prince adding luster to the Minnesota mystique, and they could in the masses be replaced by imported Muslims from Africa in jobs and welfare, and end up targets of police, because Philando Castile could not afford a vehicle which did not look like a ghetto dope wagon. 

Clinton's strategy in the March 1 contests is to win landslides among black voters in the South.

This Negroid issue is at the heart of the Clinton campaign strategy as noted by the Jewish World Review, and the essence of it all was that White American liberals did not want Mrs. Clinton, and that is why she lost in the American west to Bernie Sanders, and in Minnesota, the fact is Blacks in Minnesota, led by Minnesota Muslim, Keith Ellison, were all endorsing Bernie Sanders, which kicked the legs out from under the Clinton campaign strategy against President Elect Donald Trump.

"We've gone from possibility to probability," said Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., who represents Minneapolis and is just one of two federal legislators to endorse Sanders. "We've gone from, 'We hope, we pray, maybe, maybe' to 'Hey, we can do this.' I mean, there were a lot of people who believed in everything Bernie was saying but didn't believe he could win. Now, he's neck-and-neck in national polls."

The fact is that Bernie Sanders destroyed Hillary Clinton in Minnesota, as Blacks and Whites abandoned this candidate and humiliated Mark Dayton.

Bernie Sanders won the 2016 Minnesota Democratic caucuses. With 86 percent of precincts reporting, Sanders won every congressional district. Although polls leading up to the caucuses favored Hillary Clinton, she was unable to secure a win in the state, repeating her loss in 2008 to Barack Obama.

Does all of the Clinton Dayton nuance now in legal terms begin to build a case, that what Mark Dayton was instructed to accomplish for the Hillary Clinton campaign was to "Whip the Niggers in Line" as some military generals were known to sacrifice troops to discipline them, so they would obey their marching orders?

Is there not a scenario in the above of a political aspirant who is on the short list of Hillary Clinton Vice Presidential candidates as DailyKos published in Mark Dayton:

Mark Dayton — Another grandfatherly figure. Supported the creation of a US Department of Peace in the Senate. He would help with those who feel Hillary is too hawkish. He is against big money in politics. Like Obama, he fights gridlock tooth and nail. On the downside, he is against medical marijuana.

Dayton tying himself to Obama Administration fundraises with Clinton. “Clinton is set to headline a Thursday evening fundraiser in St. Paul for Dayton. Tickets for the dinner event at the St. Paul RiverCentre range from $150 to $2,500.” (“Hillary Clinton Is Minnesota-Bound To Help Dayton,” Associated Press, October 17, 2014)

Engaging in political intrigue for Mrs. Clinton, in taking whites out and strip them naked in blaming them, and rousing the blacks to reactions of militancy, all for Mark Dayton to be rewarded in some political office in the Clinton regime, built upon race hatred and glued together with the blood of innocent blacks.

To complete this Modus Operandi, Opportunity, there should be evidence of the Clinton Dayton Crime, and it is the murders in Dallas.

To which we now have a campaign event being exploited, by Hillary Clinton to change the subject from Hillary Clinton crimes in EMAILGATE in consort with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, with the slimy deal which FBI Director James Comey spoke of in Reverse Speech.

Hillary Blames White People For Cops Death - breitbart.com

Hillary Clinton Blames ... Hillary Clinton used a CNN interview on Friday to completely embrace the Democrats' claim that white people and cops must ...

So now everyone in "right wing media" is spinning the Clinton Dayton web of white black racial conflict on the Clinton Dayton talking points, to hide her crimes in EMAILGATE and BENGHAZI, with law enforcement the targets as blacks now are, to punish both groups for not supporting Hillary Clinton 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.

Hillary Clinton in Philly speech: Police killings show 'implicit bias'

Hillary Clinton struck a balance Friday as she addressed thousands of African American churchgoers, decrying both the recent fatal shootings of black m…
Philly.com3 days ago

In the above, there is the evidence that Mark Dayton was coordinating with Hillary Clinton's campaign for president, in order to create immense racial tension, in order to benefit the Clinton campaign, which set two groups, law enforcement and black militants, against each other, in the racial hatred promoted by the Obama regime in blacks against whites and whites against blacks, with the known factored result which again targeted a Republican State, exactly as the Obama regime's terrorist dumps of ISIS refugees to GOP states.

Again, why Dallas? Dallas was at peace. The deaths had taken place in Louisiana and Minnesota, and yet no protests took place there. In fact in Minnesota, at the Philando Castile memorial, there were a ratio of 9 out of 10 mourners were White.

Yet it was a Republican State which bled again. This Black Lives Matter movement, has many embedded Obama militant groups in it, as was shown in Ferguson Missouri in all the rioters were funded from out of state to cause problems.

We once again in America have a reality of the Obama Clinton intrigue in blacks dying, whites being blamed and innocent people being murdered, while the media of the right and left, never connects the criminal dots in this Murder Incorported operating in the disUnited States.

Hillary Clinton and her conglomerate owners of the Obama regime thought they could play Americans over Emailgate and Benghazi, and they effectively did for her to not be prosecuted. The reality is though if those of you reading this, can get off your brain stumps is before you is a criminal event based in things which you deem uninteresting in Minnesota and Blacks, but this is the issue which will shatter Hillary Clinton for the November elections, and Mark Dayton is the weak link in this, as this liberal Governor took his talking points and blundered them to incite a murderous reaction in Dallas Texas, where it was likely to have only been designed to be like Ferguson Missouri in a "terror riot event".

Any prosecutor on the above, could and would indict Hillary Clinton and Mark Dayton on the above evidence. They caused the murders in Dallas Texas and are guilty of them. Mrs. Clinton bastardized the FBI in her being investigated, but she overplayed her political intrigue with Mark Dayton and Americans were murdered for it. That is the reality as the evidence proves.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.