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When the Queen Murdered An American Patriot

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Most people are familiar enough with the Patriots of 1776 and the murderous mistreatment England bestowed upon them, as much as the War of 1812, but 99.9% of you have no idea that Canada murdered an American, who was leader of the Republican party in the last part of the 1880's.

This man is one of the most outstanding characters in United States history and has been neglected and forgotten. His movement helped organize the State of Montana and he is the Father of Manitoba. His name is Louis Riel.

I have mentioned this Patriot in passing and parts of this story of inland America, which is profound, for while all of you have heard of the Oregon Trail, there was a much older trail, and it came from Fort Winnipeg in  Canada, came down through St. Anthony's Falls in Minnesota onto St. Louis, for in those times before the Civil War, America was supplied from Canada and there was a movement for the Canadian and American interiors to be joined as a vast nation.

The peoples who were the backbone of this nation were the Metis, a half breed group of French, Scot, who by two wheel oxcart traversed  the long road from Winnipeg to St. Louis.  They were and are a profound distinct people,  in hardiness, patriotism and revolutionary.

Riel would lead the first organization of the region and be forced out, to become an American Citizen, organizing the peoples of Montana into a political movement. It was at this time that he was again approached by the Metis of Canada and begged to return to Canada to lead their political plight in being despoiled by the British Monarchy.

visited Riel in Montana Territory in 1884, he was no longer an exile, but an immigrant.Temporarily forced out of Canada as a consequence of his leadership in the 1869 Red River Resistance, he had resettled in the United States.He had spent the last several years building a career as a political organizer for the Republican Party (serving briefly as a deputy US marshal), had completed his naturalization, and did not contemplate leaving his new country, for which he expressed a convert’s patriotic zeal.

It was this reality that Louis Riel returned to the Territories with. These Americans had been roaming the interior from the Rockies to the Mississippi for generations as Yankee traders. Borders meant nothing to them, because it was all their land as they owed nothing to Washington, Ottawa or London.

Thus for the American peoples rights of Manitoba, Louis Riel embarked as the Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Lincoln to emancipate his people and give them he political power to protect themselves.

By world standards the Northwest Rebellion was no great bloodbath. It was simply a people demanding their rights, their human rights, and in the end of an execution conducted by Riel, he was captured and put into a kangaroo court as a Canadian, when he was an  American, and summarily hanged by the government.

That is what I always find so amusing in this, in the great propaganda is London was so protective of her native children, who she exploited in TB death and cheated by Scot merchants for the Hudson Bay for furs, and denied the Metis their rights, and then murdered an American Citizen to attempt to stop a revolution and emancipation for Liberty, as Ottawa in liberal amnesia attempts to rewrite history of "first peoples", when the reality is the Queen exploited the people of Canada continuously, and to this day Canada, like America is ruled by oligarchs who prop up liberals now intent on genocide of the native peoples, white and red, for the Asian and the Muslim.

The breath of freedom of Louis Riel in Manitoba was never suffocated. By right, America should have declared war on Canada and protected her Citizens, along with the Canadians. The whole of Western Canada is peopled in the majority by Americans who settled there in the 1900 period. For all intensive purposes from Hudson Bay west, is American and always has been American. It is American that should be liberated from the despots of Ottawa, and those Provinces should then finish what Louis Riel started in a vote for CANEXIT or to be joined to their nativity in the United States.

The Lame Cherry has a deep appreciation of Canada and Canadians. My Mother's family were divided American Patriot and Tory, who after 1776 in part settled in New Scotland, and made their way back to America just before the Northwest Revolution. America owes a great deal to the French from the Illinois to the Colorado Rockies, as people have not been taught, that the French have left their names all across the Midwest and West of America.
If they had not been there trapping and trading, the Spanish Empire would have claimed the right, and if you happen to read the Oregon  Trail by historian Francis Parkman, his camp chef was a French Canadian, as the entire center of America in 1840 was populated by this American mix who had no borders, and it is why the Americans considered western Canada from the Red River west to Alaska as American land.

An American Republican was murdered in Canada, leading the revolution which birthed Manitoba. The Mexican illegal holding of American Texas lands is an issue which must be addressed, as much as the retribution on Ottawa for the murder of Louis Riel, in those West of the Red River lands.

London is full of mischief in murdering Patriots named Joan of Arc, William Wallace, Nathan Hale and Louis Riel. The last of these has never been dealt with and requires as much.

Liberal Ottawa is a bastion of hypocrisy in this faggot Trudeau prancing around like that foreign birthed image Obama on the American stage. This issue will be addressed, as a war for liberation of Western Canada should have been waged for this in 1885, and calls for military action to this day.

Western Canadian Peoples, their lands and rights protected from Ottawa. Full American Constitutional rights to speech, being armed and protest. Full protection for Canada in her borders secured from this genocide invasion embraced by the traitor Trudeau. That is the starting point in this, in America for Americans and Canada for Canadians, and if Ottawa considers the snapped neck of Louis Riel a light thing, then let that Revolution and Emancipation begin again in the 21st century in Americans united with Canadians to liberate them from the Ottawa regime which has a history of murdering the Patriots of the Land.

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