Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Birth of a Rapetion


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is an interesting thing that what the Afroid is most interested in Rape of a Nation's star, Nate Parker, is that he is married to a white woman, who gets her lily wet about being dirtied up by a black man, and not that this oversexed couple producing 5 girls, is not wed to the rape and murder of a girl in Pennsylvania.

I always state the Truth is somewhere in between two lies, and as for the lies Nate Parker got off from rape charges, because he conned a young 18 year old girl into sex, before raping her later with his pervert roommate.

You know what the deal is, in Nate Parker seduced a young girl being a wrestling jock. He used her as a cum dump. Then invited her over again for a party, where they got an underage girl drunk to the point of her passing out.
Then Parker and the perv roommate both played train in raping the girl repeatedly.

See Parker got off on the charges for "consensual sex" previously, but what he did was no different than a Nigger pimp or Bill Ayers seducing a young Jewish girl and having a black man rape her, for Ayers to watch.
The roommate was convicted, but tried to haul the girl back into court for more attorney rape, and in the end she gave up, and the rapists walked.

No one is saying this is a White girl or a Black girl, only that being used like a whore destroyed her. Parker and his accomplice stalked the poor girl, she won a cheap 17,500 dollar settlement from Penn State and soon enough succeeded on her 3rd suicide attempt.

So Nate Parker can claim this a "painful" memory and the Twitter Afroids can focus on Parker married to a White woman, who gets off on dirty Nig sex, as it must have been a recurring fantasy night for 5 daughters to be fathered in the retelling of tag teaming a passed out girl in college.

That is what is so typical in all of this, as Nate Parker, runs from Pennsylvania to another college for this rape and pimping, but his mama condones it all and when he tells the Mrs., she believes the lies, until it is rape night fantasy.

Only in the Obama 21st century would a mention in passing of "uh ah, I got arrested and went to trial on rape", would get you a White wife and a Sundance screening and FOX promoting Birth of a Rapetion.

In a moral time, FOX would destroy this cinema and Loretta Lynch would be charging Nate Parker with the violation of this raped and murdered girl's civil rights being violated.

But she was only a woman........and with all of Obama's Muslim imports there will only be more of this coming and celebrated.

“He may have litigated out of any kind of situation. My position is he got off on a technicality.”

Brother of the girl who was raped