Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Donald Trump is correct in the Obama regime birthed ISIS


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am going to revisit something which apparently is required as Hugh Hewitt and the rest of the oligarch media is ignorant or is covering for the oligarchs who decided to create their own al Qaeda, called ISIS, in order to make money off of their instigated terror events, to use Soros refugees to overthrow Western peoples and to foment a war with Russia to steal Russian wealth.

Years ago in the Lame Cherry archives, in December, this blog announced that Birther Hussein was the leader of global terrorism out of 1600 Penn Avenue. I shocked many and apparently the details of it require a summation again, in refuting these attacks on Donald Trump, because the fact is the OBAMA REGIME CREATED ISIS.

The genesis of ISIS was that Capt. Khan who was training assassins in Iraq to deal with the violence there. Birther Obama had been droning all the 'bad terrorists' for his good dope dealing terrorists who were first promised all the coke transport out of America and later took over the opium production in Afghanistan.

Once that was completed, the communist organized Islamocommunists were given nations like Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Egypt, Algeria, Libya etc... as part of the payment for that 300 million in illegal terror money the Obama campaign took in, in 2008.

That was the Arab Spring, which was communist terrorists. From this, Obama's ISIS was armed in Iraq form American stores there, and in Syria they were armed with shipments out of Libya, with aid from Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
This is what got Chris Stevens ass raped to death with 3 other Americans, as it was over arms running, and Obama wanted Stevens as a hostage to rescue in order to bury the ghost of Jimmy Carter hostage crisis and to bury Mitt Romney. It did not go so well.

So the reality is ISIS was exported from Iraq, into Syria, which was nothing but a Kurdish front of oil smugglers, who were trained in Jordan and Turkey, and the oil stolen from Syria and Iraq, went into Turkey, where the revenues were funneled back like Bill Clinton's Oil for Palaces.......and yes the GOP and Hillary Clinton got their cut out of this ISIS oil terror money as did all the others, it is where the money came from to try and destroy Donald Trump.

So if Hugh Hewitt has his head up his ass, as much as all those at National Review who are Hillary Clinton's 5th column and know the story........like this James Antle III at the Week, they are now exposed as all of this has been covered here, and can be found through search engines linking all of these stories of how the Obama regime started ISIS.

Donald Trump is right on stating ISIS was started by the Obama regime, because it was and John McCain has been nurturing it with Hillary Clinton, as much as George Soros, as this is their mafia's personal terror group to give cover to the real agendas they have been promoting for years.

They are all liars and telling whoppers to cover up their crimes, and to try and keep Donald Trump from hanging all these nation rapists. That is the reality and it apparently requires stating again.

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