Thursday, August 18, 2016

Buck Sexton of the Hillary Clinton 5th Column
Hillary Clinton is a youthful virgin, in the prime of health,
ready for her first menstrual cycle and has never been sick a day in her life.
- Buck Sexton

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Today with cockerboy Limbaugh taking more time off, his chosen propagandist was Buck Sexton, who let the Limbaugh half brain audience know clearly that he has judged that Hillary Clinton is in perfect health, there is nothing at all to the hacking cough, continued seizures, pillows propping her up, her disappearances for weekends at a time.......and of course the Huma Abedin email saying Hillary was confused all the time, was absolutely nothing to be an issue of.

But you will be pleased to know that according to Dr. Sexton it is both Hillary and Donald being both old that is the same problem, even though Donald Trump is in full vigor.

I place this here for all to understand in this CIA employee, in how this propaganda all works. Drudge and Gateway Pundit have placed this actual story with evidence before the public, and here comes Limbaugh again sabotaging the story to help Hillary Clinton......same way that Mark Belling came in and decapitated Scott Walker in another Limbaugh absence.

Seriously, Hillary Clinton has a personal MEDIC, shadowing her, as she is in this desperate of physical degeneration with a Diazapam auto injector........and it is not the first time this old woman has been jolted out of her brain fog or the first incident of it happening.

hillary handler seizure drug

The real Hillary Clinton with her emergency responder medic to save her life

For Buck Sexton to lie to the American public is pure oligarch, and Mockingbird at it's typical National Review half wit writing.

Joel Skoursen states he has a photo of the cancer tumor on Hillary Clinton's tongue before it was removed and the cavern appeared on her lying tongue at the convention. Those are absolutes in how bad Hillary Clinton is off in hyper thyroid condition which is manifesting a host of other degenerative conditions......but rest assured, Rush Limbaugh put on the air a 5th Columner in Buck Sexton to prop of Hillary Clinton with more lies.

Keep a running tab on this stuff in who are the real enemies embedded in your favorite media. Sexton is more of this Benedict Arnold shit from the Blaze run by that traitor Glenn Beck.

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