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My Bible reading today was the first verses of Ezekiel the Prophet, and most miss the fact that this great Prophet was in captivity along with the Benjaminite, Levite and Judahites in the first wave of depopulating the Southern Kingdom of Judah, after their many revolts against the Babylonians.

What is of interest in this is Ezekiel the Prophet specifies the location as Chebar, or Kebhar, or the non Babylonian bastardization in Hebrew of KaBaRu waterway, which as a  major construction project of King Nebuchadnezzar in connecting the Tigress and Euphrates Rivers.

You miss the genius of the Babylonians in deporting and exiling people, when you do not comprehend that the Jews were probably employed working on this canal. Rivers are in valleys, and two rivers are mentioned so the Jews were naturally penned in on the east and west. There was now the Kabaru Canal penning them in too, so the River Chebar was a very proper gulag settlement of great genius, in order to deal with a large hostile population in captivity, working them to exhaustion and confining them so they could not escape.

Into this is the Khabur River which is northwest of Babylon and the major tributary of the Euphrates in Syria. When the Assyrians exiled the Reubenites, Gadites and Mannasites who were on the east side of the Jordan, these ancestors of the modern Germans, placed the modern descendants of the northern French and Americans into he Khabur Valley, which is again, an area called the Khabar Triangle. It is formed by wadis or canyons flowing into the Khabar, making this a perfect containment zone for an exiled hostile population.

The Khabar is still an important wheat growing region in Syria and it had a major water works project, as the waters originate in Turkey as most waters do in the region.

I find it an interesting coincidence that in both cases of the first exiles from the Northern and Southern Kingdoms, both were placed in like sounding locations in Khabar and Kebhar, and it reveals the genius of these first world empires in finding natural prisons to house large populations in, so they could never return or escape. These same Israelites though of the Northern Kingdom would later locate a mountain pass to the north in another exile location and escape into Asia.
This was the unknown Daryal Pass and what better way to end your slavery than to find a door through the mountains, escape, and your empire captors have no idea how to purse you.

It was recorded that these American / British / French / Scandinavian ancestors left their exile with 220, 000 Soldiers and it was estimated they were over a million in number. Josephus stated their numbers could not be counted.

Just as the modern Jew is primarily a Khazarian or Ashkenaz race, and not the Judahite as most of them converted to Christianity, I will provide a linguistics transition so you can follow how Israelite became lost as  name, as God said it would.

Israelite, became Samarian, as that was the region they settled in. Their chief king known to the outside world was Omri, known in Assyrian as KHUMRI, and that is what the Israelites were known as the Khumri at the start of their exile.

The Assyrians started naming a region and the people Khumri as GAMIRA, which is a bastardization of SAMARIA, and the people were called Gimirii. This was translated again to CIMMERIANS, again Samarians.
In coming to Armenia, the Caucusus Mountains, these Gimirii were known to the Greeks as Cimmerians in translation and drove out the Urratu.

After his 700 BC liberation from Assyria as Assyria was in decline, these Cimmerians then met with Darius the Great, were tricked into a peace conference, and the Persians murdered the Cimmerian leaders, and in the stone of Behistun, which is in Elam, Babylonian and Persian, the Gimiri appear in Babylonian, but in Perisan they are called the Saka.
Saka or Sacae is important, because God predicted the Lost 10 would be called the Sons of Isaac, and that is what Saka means, as much as Saxon, Sons of Isaac.

The Saka would spill out into Asia further to China and into Russia, and then into Europe where their identity would be called Scythian. These Israelites were the barbarians who brought civilization to the world, including their sojourn in Northern India where they were known as the Aryan, again a bastardization of SamARIAN.

In Europe their tribal names would become Anglo, Goth, Amerii derived from Gimirii, which American is based in, while the Germani would settle that region, and in turn the Assyrian exiles from Persia would follow the Israelites and become known as the settlers in Germani or the modern German.

That is the basic history of all of this and it does require a synopsis at intervals to refresh the actual history as people coming upon the facts for the first time are stunned to find the Western People are all through the Bible as the House of Jacob and House of Israel.

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