Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Seeds of 21st Century Nuclear War

 Harry Truman time capsule letter to Himself

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As communist China is now threatening not only America, but all of Southeast Asia, I will remind all in the importance of electing President Donald Trump, that all of this nuclear warfare threat with communist China, and the radiation poisoning of Americans in the late 1960's by Chicom above ground nuclear testing. could have all been avoided, if an arrogant Democrat by the name of Harry Truman had listened to his commanding General in Asia, at war in Korea.

That General was the great, Douglas MacArthur.

What General MacArthur wanted to do in Korea, mostly, was to declare war on China and then drop thirty to fifty atom bombs on Manchuria and the Chinese mainland. What President Truman wanted to do was arrange a cease-fire.

If America had simply dropped 50 Hiroshima size atomic bombs, it would have cropped 50 to 100 million Chinese communists, decapitated their leadership, reinstalled the legitimate President Chiang in exile on Formosa, and set about a reality that:

  • There would never be a Stalin Cold War costing America trillions in defending Europe
  • There never would have been a Vietnam War
  • There never would have been the Chicom butchery of one child aborticide of the Chinese

Of course, Harry Truman was not alone is his treachery and ineptness ruining billions of lives, because it would be Neocon George H. W. Bush who opened the technology door to China, which has produced the nuclear threat against America, and has been costing American trillions as China consumes world resources from oil to food, inflating all the prices.

America is faced again with an arrogant politician in Hillary Clinton, who gave to China, Japanese islands in exchange for China funding massive Obama debt for the murderous change the Obama  regime had brought to America and the world.

Under Harry Truman, General Patton was murdered, who would have stopped communist Russia with the German Army, and under Harry Truman General MacArthur was relieved from duty, both of which have now in Bush mismanagement, Clinton mismanagement and Obama global order, has America and Americans facing a nuclear genocide in America, which should have never manifested, as it all would have been neutralized by 1952, in a free Europe, free Asia and free America.

Truman once remarked that he did not understand how the US Army could "produce men such as Robert E. Lee, John J. Pershing, Eisenhower and Bradley and at the same time produce Custers, Pattons and MacArthur."

Truman should have asked instead the correct question in why is it Americans do not rise up hang their inept politicians they install in the Grants, FDR's and Trumans, so that powerful military men are risen up by God to save Americans from their political genocide.

We can not go back and fix the stupidity of Harry Truman or the blundering of HW Bush. We the People have to fix this or die, because there are no longer in this sodomite military any Generals to save America. Either Donald Trump is elected as President or the sins of the politicians of the past will be visited upon America and the world in the specter of Hillary Clinton.

There should be a General's Day replacing that civilian MLK day, and Harry Truman should be dug up and dropped from a Missouri based B2 bomber on Peking.

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