Friday, August 5, 2016

Clinton Cruz JV's

Ted Cruz ready for Hillary...hindsight is a bitch

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It must really be humiliating to be a Ted Cruz voter in having the Ted rub trusting, principled conservatives noses in what fools they are for having faith in the Ted.

Then again, I pity the Bernie Sanders supporters in finding out what a sell out the Bern was in he has his price.

What about those moron Libertarians, all sitting around as more superior than Cruz cult and there is old dope head Gary Johnson, sounding like Tim Kaine in praising Hillary Clinton, as both Johnson and Weld are either tossing pistols in the trash or are with Hillary in being anti gun.

Jill Stein, what can you say, but she is Hillary with a brain, but she has a big heart compared to Heartless Hillary, and I suppose she has the good intentions that died in Ted Cruz when the sperm hit the egg.

It is though about Ted Cruz in posing with pro Hillary Clinton children, with a glowing smile on his face. Not as smarmy as the smile at the RNC in Cleveland before he became a suicide bomber, but all the same, Ted simply glows when he is around the party of Rockefeller and it is trying to IED the party of Reagan.

Then to have your names forever online as in this flier of all the women's names listed first and the husband's least not with Ted where Heidi always comes second. It makes one wonder what kind of cucks all the Cruz supporters were in the were cuckolds in the women were making their husbands watch their intercourse with Ted.

I guess unless your name is fag like in David Peacock and Graham Whaling as they came alone to the Ted Party.

I think of the millions of dollars Ted Cruz wasted and all of those people above throwing money away like blacks voting for Obama, and I think of all that could have been accomplished if it were donated here.

The Ted was always though a step behind in promoting "Ready for Hillary" and not being bright enough to know it sounded like he was supporting Hillary Clinton, which is billionaires now are in droves.

Ted Cruz: 'We're ready for Hillary' - The Washington Post

He said, "we're ready for Hillary. ... Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) released a video shortly after Hillary Clinton announced that she is running for president.

That is the problem in this, in Ted Cruz never was ready for Hillary. Bernie Sanders was never ready for Hillary, and all Gary  Johnson has been ready for toking a roach and Jill Stein just wants to medicate the dead American patient with more Obama rationed death........and with none of them ready for Hillary, it is the fact that Mrs. Reset Button, has never been ready for Vladimir Putin, and Obama and the image have had their asses handed to them by Vladimir as the Obama forms have always been the JV in everything.

Look, I win with Donald Trump in any scenario. If the evil of this world stops Donald Trump, then nuclear and biological weapons will have them rotting in the streets for their election theft. If Donald Trump does not have this stolen from him, then millions of Christians will be saved by Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump, and that has always been the Lame Cherry agenda.

It just must be so humiliating to have supported the JV's in Clinton, Cruz, Stein, Sanders, Obama and Johnson, to find all your best hopes and dreams inside of you, placed with care on the JV's blew every easy shot on the court and got thrown out for cheating.