Friday, August 5, 2016

More Polls Showing Hillary Clinton is the Virgin Mary

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I am not going to invest any time in refuting the latest Washington Post "blood in the water" political assassination engaged in against Donald Trump in illegally overthrowing the free elections in America, but note that the touted polls were not available in the LA Times on the link when I visited there and the McClatchy poll with Hamrod in the lead by 15 points has once again this fraudulent polling base of 73% of the sample is not even Republican.

36% Democrat

27% Republican

37% Independent

I pulled a Rasmussen poll from 2012 when Obama stole that election, in the real Republican samples are 37%.

Partisan Trends - Rasmussen Reports™

It's also the largest number of Republicans ever recorded by Rasmussen Report since monthly tracking began in ... Republicans 38%, Democrats 38% ...

This propaganda of "record" numbers of "Independents" now identified, is what gives cover to all of these fraud polls. One simply rigs the polls by subtracting 10% of the votes from Republicans, and then places that 10% onto these fictional Independents who are really liberals.

The biased LA Times has Hamrod up by 1% which means that Donald Trump is up past the margin of Clinton vote theft. What these polls are trending in propaganda is what is being engineered is for Hillary Clinton to steal this by a squeaker.

The only reason I address this as you children panic too much and you never read the statistical breakdown, nor to you discard all of this so it does not brainwash you into accepting another McCain and Romney "loss".