Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Dead Calm


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

They psychology of terror is fascinating to sense in how the primate is in majority the same. There is always the bravado of what they would do, and when confronted to becoming the murderer of the masses, there is that reservation inside of them which triggers, and then in time there appears the settling where the sociopathic calm appears and with it the numbing of all senses, as then it becomes objective and all else fades from experience, as the end focus is the rapture of releasing power and enforcing one's will upon that mob to their death.

As of Monday the kryptonite triggers were not yet set, but as of Tuesday they are all now in place. All that inquiry states now is necessary is for the electrical connections to be linked. So no mishaps take place, the final connections will not be fused until in New York on the platform.

I searched in inquiry for some semblance of a fail safe in this, but there were none. There were not any faulty triggers, no corrupt computers, no substandard wiring. This device is all meant to function, in those building it and overseeing it are certain to completing it.

In further inquiry, it seems the FBI suspects something and the NSA is aware, probably from some online source which is popular, but what inquiry reads in this is, is this is military intelligence, Army, which is tracking this.
There is always the excuse of catching the bigger fish in the net, but when one is deal with a situation as this, I would err on the side of interrogation netting fish, as on 9 11, the very cartel behind this, used the system against itself as in November 1963, and in the end it was the Americans scrambling to cover their own asses.

Inquiry states that civilian DOD, American, is overseeing these 5 Pakistani. They are all on scene. This is a regime stooge. In macrostructure this is like the Boston Blow Job, a non cartel event. What inquiry points to now is this is not to "get" anyone, but the stans have connection to the Clinton Foundation. This is to blackmail Hamrod.

Inquiry states that Comey knows of something of this. The regime intended to hand it off to FBI, but Army Intel picked up on it, and has been tracking it, which the regime is aware of  This tracks low wire. This is not the flash of Delta Force or SEALS, the frogs would be odd as this is Army, but I pick up that the Green Berets are involved and deployed to scene.

Inquiry now points to the trend of STK shoot to kill. They are to put every one down and this is never to reach the public. It ends on the platform.

What inquiry points to is the Pak's are doing it for Islam. Their overseer has no reason and is following orders. His tops are interested in a geo political war to set the pan empire structure again in place.

Inquiry states there is a 16% chance of detonation in this plan. Unacceptable.

Inquiry states there is already a talking points memo in this placing responsibility on ISIS, for the trailer events which the remote viewers led by Dick Allgire were viewing, for "battlefield preparation" as that is why Syria and north Italy were chosen, to salt the area to cause Russian withdrawal  from Syria and to close their southern sphere invasion route. Those behind this mean to make Turkey's basement it's roof to rubblize it there in the southern spear.

This concludes this inquiry session on the finer details.


The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is using Army Green Berets to help determine whether nuclear power plants are vulnerable to attacks by saboteurs.