Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What is Joe Biden doing with Nuclear Codes?


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Today with Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden told the world that he is running the regime, as he stated he had the nuclear launch codes on a campaign trip.

There’s a guy that follows me right back here, has the nuclear codes,” Biden said, turning and pointing. “So God forbid anything happened to the president and I had to make a decision, the codes are with me.”

Review these quotes on the nuclear codes, in the President has them, and the "card" is verified by the Secretary of Defense or key Generals.

That bag -- carried by the military aide -- has been within feet of the commander in chief ever since for any situation where the president believes the use of nuclear weapons is warranted. If that is the case, he is able to order the military aide to open the briefcase and issue an alert to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. While that is occurring, the president reviews options from the nuclear triad -- submarine launched missiles, aircraft with atomic weapons, or land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMS) -- and then decides on a course of action.
The aide then connects the president with the National Military Command Center (NMCC) -- in the Pentagon or an airborne command and control element -- and positively identifies himself with a special code issued on a plastic card. Most presidents have kept that card -- called the "biscuit" -- in their possession at all times.
Should this happen, the code on the president's card would be confirmed by either the secretary of defense, or the watch officer (a general or admiral on duty) at the NMCC, and the president could then order a strike. The president always has the authority to order an attack, with his options ranging from the launch of one missile to extensive, massive strikes from one or several elements of the triad: bombers, submarines, missiles.

 Although the President had the sole authority and responsibility to order the use of nuclear weapons the control of nuclear weapons operations was exercised by the NCA [National Command Authorities] which, according to the 1971 Department of Defense Directive 5100.30, consisted only of 'the President and the Secretary of Defense or their duly deputised alternates or successors'. The NCA could also be widened to include the most senior US military officer the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS). The sharing of operational control – if not authority – enabled even this most senior level of decision-making to meet the 'two-person' rule which governs all US nuclear weapons activities. This rule stated that all decisions, procedures or processes involving nuclear weapons had to be carried out by at least two individuals, and was intended as a hedge against unauthorised or irrational action by anyone in the command chain.

It returns to the point that only one person is to have the nuclear codes, and yet Joe Biden has his own biscuit. There are not biscuits in the plural but one biscuit.

This WIKI explanation mentions absolutely nothing of numbers of biscuits floating around for Joe Biden and Paul Ryan hiding behind his Wisconsin walls.

Reagan, like his predecessor Carter, preferred to carry the card in his pocket. He was separated from it when his clothing was cut off by the emergency room trauma team. It was later discovered unsecured lying in one of his shoes on the emergency room floor. This led to an urban legend that Reagan carried the code in his sock. Reagan was separated from the rest of the football as well, because the officer who carried it was left behind as the motorcade sped away with the wounded president. On occasion, the president has left his aide carrying the football behind. This happened to Nixon in 1973; after Nixon presented Soviet Leader Leonid Brezhnev with a Lincoln Continental at Camp David, Brezhnev unexpectedly drove with Nixon off the retreat onto a highway while leaving Nixon's Secret Service personnel behind, separating Nixon from the football (and his security detail) for nearly 30 minutes.Presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, and, most recently, Bill Clinton have also been separated from the football.

I have informed all that after June 13th, 2013, Joe Biden was acting President, and that the shapeshifter and the images of Obama were trolling around as window dressing. What Joe Biden revealed is a huge problem as it violates known protocols which were set up so an insane person could not launch nuclear missiles.

If I might explain this "figuratively", no President can launch missiles, even with the Sec. of Defense. All these civilian authority do is begin a series of verification. Once the Executive is verified to the National Military Command Center, the process then activates to a phase two.
The military then alerts for example a missile silo which has a two person crew, which must verify the orders, and it is only at that point, that two physical launch keys are produced, one for each crew member.
These keys are inserted simultaneously and must be turned simultaneously, with the fail safe in this, is that the keys are inserted into locks, which are so far apart, that it requires two people to activate the final launch.
It is only after this, that the nuclear missile is launched.
The Navy has it's own structure in the triad as does the Air Force.

What the issue is here, is Joe Biden did not blurt this out because he has a Hillary Clinton brain disease. Biden was telling the world who was in charge. Biden was telling Democrats that he is in charge and ready to replace Hillary Clinton, as he has already replaced the Birther. Biden felt it necessary to inform Moscow and Peking that he has the launch codes now, in the advent some nuclear event takes place which would require Biden the launch of nuclear missiles.

Progression is NYC824 as was revealed exclusively here.

This did not happen by chance and was by design. Biden is auditioning by his long hug on sick old Hillary, Mrs. Clinton somehow slipping on the floor and Biden magically there to catch her. (think on that one) and Biden announcing he has nuclear codes which there are no protocols for such an event. It points to a reality of coming events which Biden is part of in initiating.

Just remember:

See also Department of Defense directive NUMBER 3150.02:
The President, as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, is the sole authority for the employment of U.S. nuclear weapons.

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