Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Donald Trump pro America vs Hillary Clinton anti American


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. 

This is a synopsis of the President elect Donald Trump slave trade speech in Arizona

Build the Wall
Enforce the Law
Verify entrants
Validate the productive

I do not foresee anything coming out of the Trump Border Security Speech than what Mr. Trump has been stating from Day One. From that period he has been absolutely constant as has Kellyanne Conway, even if she would not use the word DEPORTATION as it would be utilized against the Trump campaign in being distorted.

What Mr. Trump will accomplish is instead drawing lines of distinction between his American Policy and Mrs. Clinton's oligarch policy.

Mr. Trump secures the borders and builds the wall, while Hillary Clinton leave it wide open to terrorists.

Mr. Trump enforces the law and deports criminals, while Mrs. Clinton leaves rapists and murderers go free to prey on Americans.

Mr. Trump verifies those seeking to enter America are pro American, while Mrs. Clinton allows Sharia law revolutionaries in, in emass.

Mr. Trump makes a caveat in those illegals who have been here for decades, are productive and have families are going to have a special status, so children are not dragged through the streets, while Mrs. Clinton keeps all the illegal welfare sucking vampires in America.

None of this has changed or is hard to understand, unless of course you are a crook oligarch exploiting slave labor and gleaning welfare subsidies to your conglomerates, who employ Clinton crooks  or the cuckservatives being funded by all of this criminal rapine against America.

Mr. Trump has spoken of safe zones in areas like Syria where people will be relocated from America. The point is in the entire Trump policy with Border Patrol, it is simple in once the American police state starts hunting gangs, then all of the criminals will begin shifting south of the border.
Once America starts stopping and returning Sharia Muslims, then that flow is going to cease, and all of these shit hole nations Obama promised that they could dump their rapists into America, so they would not make revolution in Saudi Arabia or Mexico. Putting these nations criminals back into their borders, will make these nations deal with their repressive regimes.

That is a synopsis of all of this, and I would hope Mr. Trump would make mention of the slave trade as Hillary Clinton promotes Disney hiring Curry Niggers to replace Americans, and Mr. Trump would be for returning Americans to their rightful jobs again.
I would tax Facebook and all of these corporations 200,000 dollars per slave worker and that would end the problem of firing US workers. That though is in the details and the details are not what this will be about. This is about Donald Trump being pro American and Hillary Clinton being anti American.

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