Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Emerging Time Line


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As of August 29, 1536 hours, inquiry points to the Dick Allgire time line has changed. I am studying this and it appears that infusing future time lines into present time lines will charge them, but if powerful enough entities are made aware of the plots, measures can be undertaken to erradicate them.

It is one thing for the the Dick Allgire associates to view an event, on CNN, through themselves in the future. It is another thing though to construct that event, and make those aware of that event which it is intended to be used against, and then having those powers move to protect themselves.

In the example of NYC824, it appears this was a complicated plot and quite typical of the cartel and the regime. Use Muslims to construct a device inside America, to be used against America, but the overlord's real purpose was to utilize this device in Europe when it was confiscated.
Being at base an Islamistan bomb, it was designed to implicate Russia, along with other blames for a scorched European war.

The inquiry points to the reality that Russia is aware of the situation. Therefore the events that Dick and Dev were seeing, are events which Russia is moving to neutralize, and inquiry at this point, concludes these RV events are vanishing point time lines, as a new time line has generated.

I do not believe the end August event which was sighted will now take place. I do not believe that the NYC824 transfer event to north Italy will take place either. What inquiry points to is Russia has obtained evidence of this ship sitting in Egyptian waters, and this ship due to Russian "blackmail" will now be moved up the Black Sea and Russia will take custody of this bomb.

If one reasons that hackers releasing damning evidence of NSA spying in Europe and Hillary Clinton's emails of bribery are causing problems, what would a release of information of a device created with US military oversight in Missouri, intended for NYC, and was transported to Egypt where it was to be placed in northern Italy, do to the social order of Europe and America in discovering what the cartel was really plotting?

What Dick Allgire is accomplishing with his group is groundbreaking and is important to understanding the dynamics of the matrix in how it generates and how it responds to stimulations.

I sincerely hope that the time line is resetting to it's orginal doomsday event mode, because in that, it is possible to once again with a President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin to create a Christian alliance of the east and west, to protect the vast majority of these peoples, not allowing the genocide of nations. It is impossible to stop an anti Christ, but it is probable of providing Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump the majority of power and energy, so that the beast time line will do the least possible damage, as Christians under Putin and Trump protection would not be martyred.
It is not possible to stop Armageddon as it is a necessary battle of the forces of this world at war with Christ. Their extermination is a necessary good to remove amassed evil. So the size of Armageddon would not be affected, but it is my intent to stop the scorched earth size of nations in the civilized world. satanic zealots can leave their nations for battle, while not dragging those nations into the battle.

To review in this, Russia does not have custody of NYC824, but the time line projects that event to take place. "Things" or deceptions can take place, but the position to stop this is a very strong one, so as this is started to become a surge, I intend to amplify it to seek this peaceful remedy.

So every person reading this understands. This is not about donations, my fame, my being right. This is about what I began in 2015 to be made aware of in the Jehu Factor, which is making Donald Trump President, not because I chose him, but because he was chosen and my God provided Will is set upon stopping Jeb Bush.....done. Stopping Ted Cruz........done. Stopping Hillary Clinton, which in turn will stop this global nuclear war against Eurasia with American involvement and Europe being scorched earth.
It would be logical to assess the cartel and regime is not pleased with this outcome, but the original time line will allow for their achievement in God's time, so I pray the Lord is my Deliverer.
The construct is then President Donald Trump allied with President Vladimir Putin on Christian pursuit for the protection of billions of people. That is what this is about, and all other is adversary to this and a threat, with a danger to all.

Main objective then is stopping this premature start to war, so President Donald Trump can work with President Vladimir Putin for the best protection for the majority of people on this planet for what is coming.

In understanding the duplicity of these groups advancing the order, there is probably something generating out there. It is concluded that we get past September 11 without an event, that if the next 6 weeks can be steered to a Clinton collapse, then the Lord willing Mr. Trump is not sucked into something or Mr. Putin, the time line will reset as I have been moved to construct it for the good of the good.