Tuesday, August 9, 2016

future tense



Allgire views Europe

Daz views Mideast

Fudging now. They are in the grove.

They say target event can not be thwarted.

Their groove missed NYC824, but locked onto symbiotic events.

Allgire Italy. Daz Syria. Overshadow Chinese event.

View this as retaliatory and shadow event.

Analysis and projection. They are seeing shadow events.

Arrogance in not understanding the definites by Courtney. Correct remote connection, but not displacement of time in being swept to the eddy, and influence.

Conclusion: Possibility of thwarting NYC824, but other events are shadow diversions. Like events can still be perpetuated.
Progression of events even if thwarted.

Viewers in current sweep, sympathetic symbiosis confirmation, again symbiotic events.

Return NYC824 to proper time line 2018. Cause and effect.

lords and priests jigged the pieces to assemble in satan deception. Like psychedelic matrix.