Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wealthy and Rich People Deserve to Pamper themselves

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

One word to the rich and wealthy non donors, please book your vacation in 2018 AD in the year of the Lord for New York City.

Think of it, the Big Apple in the last weekend. You jet in on Friday, June 22nd, shower and dress, dine at Per Se, return to the hotel bar at 11 for an early night.

Saturday,  June 23rd, room service, then off to some shopping, and lunch at Gramercy Tavern. Tickets to Hamilton at the Richard Rogers Theater, late dinner at Eleven Madison Park.

Sunday,  June 24th, a nice massage in the room, room service, lunch at Lincoln Square Steak. No need for Church, so a nice walk in Central Park, more shopping and at the Booth Theater, An Act of God.
Late dinner again at Patsy's with a visit to the Nomad Bar for a very late night.

Monday, June 25th, room service and check out, as it is fashionable to lay over until Monday, for some more shopping, lunch at Buddakan, and a flight out at 3.

Does that not sound absolutely wonderful for all of you very rich non donors.

Please now rich and wealthy non donors stop bothering yourself in reading the rest of this post as it is just religious stuff and boring scientific data. Things which are beneath you, and you have planning to do in advanced tickets for the best seats, best hotels, best restaurants and best of everything you deserve.

Now for the silly religious stuff and the boring scientific stuff.

I was searching the matrix to check on the Catholic seers and locked onto a festive event which was in the horizon points. It was fascinating as this entire process begins in April, in May and June, in a progression of this wave, which culminates on the afternoon of Sunday June 24th, 2018 AD in the year of our Lord in two detonation of two atomic warheads over New York City at 2 PM, launched from the sea.

I suppose that got people's attention, but I am wondering if by making the exact matrix date available if it will throw the horizon point off, in if it will regenerate later, and to the point if other events prevail, would this "save" New York?
Thing is being poor, I probably could not be at Mount Pocono, to view the flash, with proper eye protection. Then again it would be my fortune it would be overcast with a northeast wind, which would tend to ruin things for me, and bleeding in Pennsylvania is not one of my "to do" things.

So any way, I figure all the rich non donors are now off booking vacation time, as what is nicer than spending fifty thousand on yourself in New York for wealthy people always have reasons to spend money on themselves to pamper their needful needs. So they end up in Central Park to get the maximum heat wave at 2 PM eastern time, and they receive the reckoning they deserve, as their children squeal with delight in their inheritance and loads of politicians phone up pretending to care, thinking, "I hope these whiners keep funding my political lifestyle".

This is a life fire experiment, in now we have wills involved of very selfish rich people wanting the time line being established to pamper themselves, the cartel who is going to blame Muslims for the attack wanting this, and now it is all in process, while the exposure and denial will create a dynamic wave which might cancel itself out, and the atomic current will flow through.

I have done  great deal on this, looking up shows, restaurants and detonation dates. The least the non donors could do is take a vacation and enjoy themselves in return as what do I know about in nattering on about things eh.

If I was very rich, I would embark on 100 days of eating, 300 establishments, which would be like a 30,000 dollar food bill. I would hate being in that disgusting New York City though, filth has such a non appealing frequency.
Odd are in 300 meals, I would be disappointed in 280 of those meals, as I am very discriminating.

1984.32 F copper melts........7200 degrees at epicenter of atomic energy release........heat generated wind 980 mph at hydrocenter, 1 mile distance 190 mph, with 1200 pounds per square inch power transfer.

My apologies, my mind is calculating on survival of the Statue of Liberty. Oh well already was buried in the sand on Planet of the Apes, but that was ok as Charleton Heston had that hot girl on the beach, and hot girls always make things better.

See told ya.