Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Brain Damage

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Someone suggested that exposing this Hillary Clinton brain disorder which everyone knows about, could end her campaign. The answer to that is Hillary Clinton's head could fall off on stage and it still would not make any difference, whether it is stealing votes from Bernie Sanders, Benghazi or Emailgate.

In the public interest though in tracking this down, I am fascinated by the manifestation, as nothing really appeared in inquiry over a year ago. Everyone knows from Huma to the always experts that Hillary Clinton has a brain disease, but attempting to diagnose it, is the mystery.

It is not Parkinsons, Shy Drager or Turrets as most have suggested. She does not have brain cancer, nor is this related to her coughing fits. This was not the reason for her absence from the Sanders debate. She had the shits.

Her odd behavior as in the barking like a dog is related to this, and it all centers on the brain injury she had several years ago. Like all brain injuries the neuron transmission is degraded, and that is what one is witnessing.

In a pre-clinical study, the researchers found that a moderate traumatic brain injury in rats caused a 15 percent loss in the brain cells known as nigrostriatal dopaminergic neurons shortly after the trauma, and that this loss continued to progress to a 30 percent loss 26 weeks after the initial injury.
The loss of these particular neurons can result in the cardinal motor symptoms observed in Parkinson's patients, including akinesia (problems with movement), postural tremor and rigidity. Further, when combined with a second known risk factor for Parkinson's, the pesticide paraquat, the loss of dopaminergic neurons doubled to 30 percent much faster.

The human mind has flight, fright and freeze reactions. What happens when the mind is injured or aged, is what Hillary Clinton is expressing. She is an old woman, Huma stated after the injury she really was confused and took some time to talk things through to explain things to her, when she woke up.
As reported here, the woman sleeps around 14 hours a day in napping before going to bed.

What inquiry points to is Mrs. Clinton is being suffering from a brain poison, which is carbon dioxide.

Scientists have suggested that external or internal toxins may selectively destroy the dopaminergic neurons, causing Parkinson's disease. Toxins that may be linked to Parkinson's include manganese, carbon monoxide, carbon disulfide, and some other pesticides.

I realize the smart asses will jump on it says MONOXIDE and not DIOXIDE, but what inquiry is pointing to is Hillary Clinton has brain damage. She is old. What she experiences is, is a sort of auto erotic asphyxia. I am not saying she has an orgasm, but what happens when you deprive the brain of oxygen or carbon dioxide builds up, so that the neurons which are in need of this element to function in transmitting signals? One becomes disoriented, is over stimulated and passes out.

What Mrs. Clinton is manifesting is a noticeable two part manifestation of barking like a dog like the crazy Aunt in the attic or she brain freezes like Gramma who you have to yell at to come back to reality.

Simply put, people have to be aware that a Hillary Clinton regime is one where Huma will be interpreter, probably John Podesta will be President with Leon Panetta running foreign affairs, while Bill who is suffering the shakes too, and when awake, will be sending his surrogate Tim Kaine to fill in the blanks that Hillary is missing when she is napping 14 hours a day.
Mrs. Clinton wrote It Takes A Village, but it is going to take a committee of Muslim sympathizers to run America as Hillary Clinton is not physically capable to carry out this job. The very symptoms which are erupting are with Mrs. Clinton sleeping 14 hours a day. The Presidency will be 1000 times more taxing and more atrophy of the brain will take place.

Hillary Clinton is not yet chasing people around with butcher knives or slapping children, so she probably will not be firing nukes off in the night on her own, but Obama is setting up a nuclear war with Russia, and that is the reality of America has a chance of having a woman who brain freezes and barks like a dog with her finger on the nuclear button, or at least it will be Huma the Muslim guiding the shaking hand.

Inquiry states that Mrs. Clinton is on medications. She is taking L DOPA to attempt to keep the brain receptors functioning, but the medication as of last week was not the correct dose  or it does not alleviate Mrs. Clinton's condition.  She has this thing going on in mixing meds by prescription to keep the brain fog at bay in over use of Symmetrel and Artane do cause confusion.

Is any of this information going to make you vote for Hillary Clinton? NO.
Is any of this information going to keep Hillary zombie from voting for her? NO

So that is why none of it interests me. She is just another old woman with a deteriorating brain who wants her finger on a nuclear button. None of this exclusive will change anything, because everyone in the puppy press knows this, and has signed off that the Hillary presidency will be run by their community organized traitors working for oil terrorism as the Jews cash the checks in their banks, and America goes in to steal the mineral wealth of Russia, to sell to Asia.

I have more important things to do like inquiring if someone is going to make Hamrod ashes to ashes.

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