Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton is too sick to be charged with Murder

In this photo taken on July 15, 2010, Shahram Amiri, an Iranian nuclear scientist attends a news briefing while holding his son, Amir Hossein, as he arrives at the Imam Khomeini airport just outside Tehran after returning from the United States

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Listen, let's not go overboard in this Hillary Clinton getting people murdered who are US assets overseas, because no one ever gets arrested or destroyed over stuff like this.

Why back in the 80's, that fine Senator Dave Durenberger of Minnesota went on television  bragging about all of the Reagan success in operations, and I think it was folks  in Egypt got killed over that one in working for the Americans.
Then there were all the Bush coup plotters against Sadam Hussein back in 92. Why Bill Clinton came into office and handed the list over to Saddam, and Saddam murdered them all, and Bill and Hillary got 60 million dollars in Marc Rich oil for palaces bribes.

So when Hillary Clinton breaks the law, is cleared by the FBI Director James Comey as pure as the Virgin Mary, what difference does it make if some Iranian scientist gets executed over the Obama nuke deal, after Hillary's emails calls him her friend.......because this is all water under the bridge, camels under the tent, broomsticks up Chris Stevens ass, because even Chris Steven's liberal sister does not blame Hillary for that murder either.

So let us just all accept that Hillary is virginal, Chelsea was immaculately conceived, and Huma is a guardian angel of allah, sent to help the mother of all somethings to lead us to the Obama promised land.
Yes Black Lives Matter. messiah Obama has led us brother, but it is his Hamrod who will lead us over the wall into the promised land.

And where did Hillary Clinton's favorite spy end up?

Amiri appeared in a third video, posted June 29, 2010, in which he said he'd escaped U.S. custody and had reached Virginia. Two weeks later, Amiri walked into the Pakistani Embassy in Washington, D.C., which houses an Iranian interests section, and said he wanted to return to Iran.

The Pakistani Embassy. Wow it was Pakistani Jihadist Khizr Khan who was IED at the DNC going after Donald Trump for weeks, and it was Pakistani intel who appeared at the grave of Capt. Khan honoring one of their own spies.

So let's just not focus on this, because Hillary Clinton is now such an old cripple, she can not get up the steps, in needing to be dragged up them. Let us not keep count of the .........hundreds of thousands of people dead because of Hillary Clinton, because it just does not matter.

Brainless politicians and politicians with damaged brains get Muslim agents killed all the time. That is just the way it is, and so what if it was Hillary Clinton's emails, because you know, James Comey could find absolutely no crimes in that.........but he finds lots of crimes in Bundy cows shitting on the grass and arresting them for being American ranchers.