Monday, August 22, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Sick Heart

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

My Obama voting Auntie suffers like her son, from a condition of bloodclots in her legs. It is a hideous and ghastly looking condition, where the legs actually turn bloodshot black. Since Mrs. Clinton has been treated with blood thinners, she does indeed have blood clots.
In using my family's medical history, the reason he legs turn black is one sits a great deal and blood pools into the legs. I believe this is the reason Mrs. Clinton is never seen in dresses any more, is that one would witness these ghastly black legs.

I project this out, as Mrs. Clinton also has most likely leg swelling and her ankles too, in excess water build up or fluids, as one just does not have the circulation to deal with fluids.

If one examines the above photo of Mrs. Clinton, one can see she is purplish in her face and hands. This is blood related, and points to poor circulation.......and as another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, if you have not noticed this woman is ALWAYS in heavy clothing in hot summer weather. That means she is cold, and adds to the purplish tint of her ghastly skin color.

Sincerely, the diagnosis is not just the brain deterioration and the cancer tongue, or the blood clots. These signs all point to Mrs. Clinton has a heart condition. Projecting out from again my cousin's wife who just died last year under Obamacare. His wife frequently got light headed and would fall down, to passing out. She slept a great deal also.
People are so fixated on Mrs. Clinton's brain deterioration, that they are failing to link that she may have an enlarged heart, which is not functioning. Which in turn will cause confusion due to lack of oxygen, will cause fluid build up in her constantly coughing and clearing her throat, and will cause her to be dizzy, fall down and pass out.

Do not overlook the obvious signs of wearing warm clothing in summer and her purple skin. This woman is cold and she has known circulation problems, and that is all due to a heart condition. This is not arterial blockage, but related to an enlarged heart, which in turn places stress on all other organs bringing kidney disease, diabetes and blindness, before death.

This heart condition could have Mrs. Clinton go in her sleep at any moment. It is what my dad died from in what is termed a silent heart attack in the heart simply quits. He was laying down, cleared his throat and that was it as he died.

Mrs. Clinton is a very sick woman, and in a woman her age, with paper thin skin, she could literally rip half her hide off in brushing up on a sharp object and bleed out in all the blood thinner she is ingesting.

Look at the purple hands and skin. That is blood not moving through the body, and that is not brain related or cancer. That is her heart is not functioning.

This woman appears to have a host of severe medical issues in which she is being treated with high doses of various drugs.