Monday, August 22, 2016

where your death begins and ends

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I thought I would share something which most of you are either too lazy or inept to look at, and that is Google Maps, as it interferes with your porn and your pretending what devout christians you are protecting your virginal daughters.

The reason for this share is once again not to look for dairy cows as before, but you can look at anything on the planet, and that includes the US nuclear base in Adana Turkey, I/R, Incirlik Air Base.

If one has high speed internet and unlimited bandwidth you can spend hours doing the things that Russians and Chinese do, in looking at the US facilities and learn all about them. I am still puzzled that at the Air Base along the land runway is a Veterinarian clinic. That should really make the cats scream.

The base is important as it is nuclear weapons, is the base the US is flying Obama Wars out of in Syria and I include a regional map so you can actually see what the news is talking about in on the left is the US Base, then there is Alleppo in Syria where the Obama terrorists are murdering and raping. On the bottom is Damascus, and on the far right is Kurdish Mosul. Bottom right is Baghdad.

If you look at the two blue lines, that would be the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. As you might remember these rivers are "dried" up, you can see that there are major impoundments on those rivers to dam them up, so a military from Asia with 200 million soldiers could move over to Damascus and then south to Armageddon.
See it is Megido, a nice big round kill zone, cordoned off by mountains and that blue thing up in the corner is the Sea of Galilee. To the south is where King Saul and his sons were slaughtered. This is where the last military battle in the world will take place. It is a perfect killing field and the red dot is Tel Megiddo, the hill which overlooks this plain.

We know now that Syrian Russian jets are fast as the Americans out of the Mediterranean or Turkey could not catch them on their bombing run of ISIS Kurdish terrorists. Is a lovely venture now that Russia and Iran are flying missions from that country to the east, as the terrorists are just a spit over the border.

It helps people to slow down and look at things like the study of American bases in their construction, tactics, where they house their nuclear bombs on Muslim soil, and they are so AWACS and satellite protected, that forces could  take out an entire base before it Pearl Harbor woke up.

Of the several thousand things that President Donald Trump needs to review, one of the most glaring is there is absolutely not any "passive" or what one would term idiot proof defenses for these very expensive bases as in line of sight artillery to protect billions of dollars of equipment. It is about redundancy of high tech which can be neutralized and low tech of the airman with his own lit fuses.

Anyway that is the world which is about to blow up, as it appears someone is preparing a World War battlefield to get the Russians out of Syria and shut down a southern invasion route for Russia into Europe.
Not that I am keen on Russians invading Europe, it is my purpose to keep the war from starting and simply let the anti Christ and the Godless hordes perish in Armageddon, as the East West Christian communities are alive and not martyred by what comes ahead.

Nuff Said as I have tracking to do. Odd as of Monday, 017 hours 22 minutes, I still do not know just like Cleveland and Philadelphia if I have stopped the objective. Yes it is progressing to a false flag, unless the turbans get wise, but that does not make a difference, as it has to be not just a non event, but exposed for the reason of starting a global war, or the following events become horizon points.