Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hilllary Clinton's Broken Back

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is proven correct again in stating that the pillows and stools for Hillary Clinton all point to her having nerve damage. The above stool photo is proof that she simply is not up to elevating herself due to being dizzy and more to the point, in Hillary Clinton can not "twist and turn" due to pain in her nerves.

I suspect in her many falls that she has problems in her spinal column and her sciatic nerve is a persistent problem. She literally is a crippled old woman who should have a walker to guard against her falling down.

As a note to the Secret Service, the days for SUV's have passed for Mrs. Clinton. She needs a nice sedan, with plastic seat covers so she can slip in and out of the seats easily, as she no longer is cable of normal human activity.

I am concerned about that stool as in her prissy flat heels, and damp pavement, she is going to break and ankle sooner or later. If she can not be made to ride in a car, then get a van with a lift chair and make this old woman stand on the platform and be elevated into the vehicle, as Americans do have rights in this, in we are paying for this rich woman's healthcare, and when she breaks something again, we are going to be stuck paying this bill.

It is a fitting question now, which Secret Service agent has to pull up Hillary's underwear for her in the morning?

Hillary Clinton belongs in assisted living, not living in the White House.

- Lame Cherry