Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tracking a Live Package

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is wonderful helping evil be fulfilled. Wonderful in the examination of what is evil really. Is it evil for New Yorkers to die from an H bomb or is it evil for New Yorkers to be delivered from vaporization, so that this H bomb would be transported to another location across the Atlantic for the original purpose.

Will New Yorkers feel guilt in one person, 1000 people, an equal number of people dying for their sins? I doubt they will lose a moment of sleep, because the reality is not one of those extremely wealthy people made a donation here in the 5 or 6 figures in appreciation.

I have come to an understanding in this, as being distracted in trying to save Mr. Trump's life, along with his family for the safety of Christians in the east and west with Mr. Putin in the best constructed paradigm, that I did not inquire the correct questions in follow up.

What if an H bomb was allowed to be constructed, targeting NYC, then forces were moved to neutralize this event, all so this Asian sourced uranium would be transported to a new location for the original destination.

What if Dick Allgire and his remote viewers were seeing a time line of known news, but I uncovered the main event. What if the sequence has now been set in that device is now on an American ship of European registry, moving across the Atlantic, where it will come into port in Egypt, awaiting another remote viewing event in Syria, which will move this device to it's intended destination in north Italy from the beginning.

I deal with not Remote Viewing chutes and not the matrix alone. I am moved for the complete picture and what the intentions really are. When FDR can sacrifice Americans at Pearl Harbor to start a war and sacrafice half a million Americans for a liberal hegemony, then what is 500,000 dead Syrians to the advancement of an issue or the pulverizing and polluting of Syria for another objective.
What I perceive is what I perceived years ago in nuclear pollution. The greatest asset in steering a major situation is nuclear pollution. How does one drive Russia out of Syria without a war? Nuclear pollution of Syria.
How does one keep Russia from invading Europe, why nuclear pollution of the choke point in Italy of the Russian southern spear in cobalt radiation for 5 years.

The larger question is, which I have not inquired of, will there be another device to close off invasion routes in the center? If Italy can be offered up, then why not Kiev, Krakow or Prague.
One can not conquer Europe if all one has is Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Inquiry points to last week of August in an event in the Mideast which will be the catalyst for a September 11th pollution event in North Italy.

My intent and focus is to stop war with Russia prematurely ejaculated by the Obama regime, and in delaying that war, Mr. Trump will take the Oval Office and thereby produce an East West Christiandom to marginalize the anti Christ in Europe for the protection of Christians.

Now though we have a phantom cobalt device into the time line, not falling from the air in rockets red glare, but a much greater military strategy of driving Russia out of Syria, and closing that invasion point, and closing the southern invasion route in Europe, all by nuclear pollution.

How brilliant would it now be to leak an event which was stopped in WMD in NYC, and provide the cover for a nuclear series of events against an ISIS in Syria to flush the Russians out.

Therefore the Remote Viewing time line prevails. The necessity then is the publication of these events being known and in this action, stopping the RV time line, as it is difficult to being world wars when the scenario of future events and past history were already reported.
I do not care to be internationally famous as a seer, so it is better that he coming red flags be stopped and the original anonymity and saving of Christians prevails.

Inquiry points to when the US response is unleashed for the red flag which will be made public, the response will come from the US nuclear base by Andara Turkey. It will be one strike from a jet platform, and in what is simply heinous, it will be "aimed" at the terrorists who are outside Damascus, thereby crushing that city and the leadership.
Inquiry states when the strike is conducted, it will be designed to kick up radioactive fall out and by weather, carried onto Russian positions.
This will be a weather generated wind.

Enough of this at this juncture as I am under orders to rest. No time to rest though as must embarrass the time flow to secure it for November elections.