Friday, August 12, 2016

I am a Patriot and you are a traitor

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Americans must face the reality that the Age of Robber Barons under the Obama regime mutated into the Age of the Oligarchs, the nation rapists who are loyal to their feudal organized few in order to organize the communities of the world, to their genocide.

- Lame Cherry

America is dead. Justice is dead. Each of you is whistling upon your own graves if you trust in the November elections. The fool foldeth his hands together in faith, in never realizing that the system they trust is corrupt and being used to destroy them.
This is not stated to generate despondency or desperate acts, but it is to educate the mind to a complete understanding that the American race is being genocided from blacks at Planned Parenthood to whites in rationed death. November means nothing, because the 1% behind this are criminals, and they know if you gain control of this regime and turn it into a prosecutorial government again, they are all going to be hanged to their last mother's son.

The problem is the leftist shills like Huffington and Mother Jones are still thinking of this in terms of "the evil right wing conspiracy" and have not arrived yet that the FEUDAL FEW, the 1%, are the GOPliters, the neocons supporting Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump. The very pariahs which the left hate in Bush fam, Big Koch and Karl Rove are all funding Hillary Clinton, the liberal darling, who has been from the start a Rockefeller Republican Patrician, just like the Prescott Bush Republicans, just like Birther Obama. It is all the same Oligarch Organism.

The limited glimpse we have of the people bankrolling these shadowy outfits is a who's-who of the New Oligarchy: the billionaire Koch Brothers ($21.5 billion); financier George Soros ($11 billion); hedge-fund CEO Paul Singer (his fund, Elliott Management, is worth $17 billion); investor Harold Simmons (net worth: $4.5 billion); New York venture capitalist Kenneth Langone ($1.1 billion); and real estate tycoon Bob Perry ($600 million).
Then there's the roster of corporations who have used their largesse to influence American politics. Health insurance companies, including UnitedHealth Group and Cigna, gave a whopping $86.2 million to the US Chamber to kill the public option, funneling the money through the industry trade group America's Health Insurance Plans. And corporate titans like Goldman Sachs, Prudential Financial, and Dow Chemical have given millions more to the Chamber to lobby against new financial and chemical regulations.
As a result, the central story of the 2010 midterm elections isn't Republican victory or Democratic defeat or Tea Party anger; it's this blitzkrieg of outside spending, most of which came from right-leaning groups like Rove's American Crossroads and the US Chamber of Commerce.

The Lame Cherry has no intention of inciting violence, as it intends to protect you children and you brats from yourselves. One person acting will be crushed like LaVoy Finicum and the entire Bundy Group now being facing grey bar homicide by the police state.

Every person must be like the Christians behind the Warsaw Pac, in not making themselves a target, and when the time came for the German Lutherans to tear down that wall, that is when they moved, when they had cover.
It was when the Romanians moved and removed their oligarch in Nicolae Ceausescu.

You do not be fooled. You do not do stupid things in posting idiot comments on Facebook or saying them on your iphone. You look like a brainless dolt. You keep track in your mind of everyone of these traitors, and you do not focus on some CNN whore or their millionaire pimps, because the objective is the oligarchs and those behind them who use these criminal nation rapists for your genocide.

Your time will come when you have cover, but you do not be a Nigger in looting your Walmart or be a Cracker screaming at Hamrod, as this is bigger than that.

This is going to require Donald Trump, taking this election or having this election stolen from him, to rise up his 40 million loaded guns and become the Government of these United States in order to protect the American People and the World from global genocide.

The Muslim and the Mexican are designed to create civil war, while the Jesuit black robes conduct the police state with their oligarch financiers to make war on the native populations which are criminalized. Each of you has to stop being sucked in by these damned emotional outbursts and TO LET IT GO, and focus on the objective of preparing for a time when as history proves you will have cover to effect change.

The system of life with Donald Trump and the system of death by the oligarchs can not inhabit the same space. One system will be victorious. The ruling system now controls everything by design and fiat in order to control the community organized mob.

Donald Trump has to evolve the Americans to what they must become, in order to save himself and his family, as the Lame Cherry predicted at the start of this, that there are plans to obliterate the  Trumps. There is not winning or losing in November. There is seizing the election or having it stolen from you. All of this talk accomplishes nothing, but criminalizing the mutton.

This reality must be settled in your minds, all of your minds of what you are facing and what is coming, so that in knowing you empower yourselves and do not become despondent or desperate, as that is what is intended to pick you off separately. None of you are ready yet for what is coming, as you are all too merciful in your brainwashing. It will require a leader in Donald Trump or it will be a leader in Vladimir Putin who whets your appetites to the work all humans are proven in history they were born to.

Now you be patient as you educate yourself to the field in understanding by the evidence that this riot being let loose by the oligarchs is to hide the vote fraud to keep stealing elections for your demise.
The lion does not ask the hyena for the leg of zebra. The Oligarchs have not asked you for the same, so why are you still thinking that you can ask for things and you will not get your head bitten off.

Donald Trump has now exposed a great portion of the corruption in America.

It is time for each of you to stop being a piece and become a player.

-Lame Cherry