Friday, August 12, 2016

Murdering Americans is Boring according to Jonah Goldberg

jonah goldberg the cuck who writes that mass murder and rape is boring


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I noted that the Right Wing News had featured the cuckservative of Hillary's 5th Column in Jonah Goldberg posting one of his "hate trump" rants which he is paid to do for the oligarch traitors who desire to genocide all of us.

I found it interesting in Hillary's mass assassination of Col. Khadaffi and his 50 loyalists, the rape of the Ukraine and we will keep this short as the list is a paragraph, in the genocide of Syria with the Muslim rape of Europe, that Goldberg finds nothing shocking about this, but views this as BORING.

In Goldberg's bio,  besides being cuck at National Review a CIA front, he is also a fellow at American Enterprise Institute. So as a journalist I contacted them for a response as being Big Koch libertarian, Jonah Goldberg is giving AEI the image that genocide, rape and assassination is nothing to be concerned about with Hillary Clinton.
It should be no surprise in this in Big Koch libertarianism that all of this cuddling with neo con Hillary is to cover up all the neo con crimes of Obama, in obtaining for Big Koch a monopoly in the ethanol fuel production.

You remember that right? You remember Levin and Limbaugh used to get their Koch  talking points railing on ethanol being bad? Well it is because Koch was buying up the monopoly and forcing all other competitors out of business.

Koch is also the funding arm which put communist Rafael Cruz sr on lecturing tours for AEI, so you do understand how this mass rape and genocide fits right in with the overthrow of America.

Not surprisingly, AEI failed to reply to my inquiry, as I have noticed a great deal of that in these criminal fronts in none of them from Lutheran Social Services to the regime will respond in questions over all of them being fond of genocide.

Just remember all of this for the future in the Limbaugh, Levin, Goldberg traitors were all up AEI's ass, and this front gave cover to Hillary Clinton's 5th Column while they touted they were looking out for America and the peoples of the West.

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