Wednesday, August 3, 2016

In for a Pence, In for a Trump Pound

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is something which needs to be addressed in Joel Skousen comments which is part of this "sky is falling" and "Donald Trump does not want to win" and "Donald Trump needs to listen to Paul Manafort" and "Donald Trump must clear his tweets" and "Donald Trump needs to straighten out or this conspiracy is going to get him".


Apparently all of you have to be told what Donald Trump is. Donald Trump is a German Scott. That means you got a stickler for details, who does not suffer fools, and he is tighter than a Jew in making a deal.

You do not control a man like that to the Joel Skousen types. You provide Donald Trump the best assessment and he makes the decision. If you do not like pretending you have puppet strings on your politician, then hand in your resignation.

As for the pathetic Mike Pence endorsing Paul Ryan. It is Donald Trump clever. It pays the debt to the Paul Manafort GOPliters, and Pence has absolutely not any weight in Wisconsin or will bring in one vote. As shitty as this looks in a Pence betrayal, it is in fact Mr. Trump not endorsing and Donald Trump being President in November and Paul Ryan being voted out in August.

“I strongly support Paul Ryan, strongly endorse his re-election,” Pence said in a phone interview on Fox News today. “He’s a longtime friend. He’s a strong conservative leader. I believe we need Paul Ryan in leadership.”
Trump told The Washington Post in an interview published on Tuesday, “I like Paul, but these are horrible times for our country. We need very strong leadership. We need very, very strong leadership. And I’m just not quite there yet. I’m not quite there yet.”

Joel Skousen is self absorbed as an insider. He thinks that Donald Trump is flying blind and needs training. Donald Trump has more insider information and understanding in what has taken American down and is taking America down, than what Skousen thinks he knows in his level one gossip.

I do not mean to be short with this old man, but this constant arrogance of thinking that Donald Trump does not know the game after he has handled this perfectly, and utilizing key people who simply volunteered.

It is the mistake of Jeff Rense and Joel Skousen in thinking Donald Trump needs  to be trained. I will use this example in that crooked Hillary Clinton thinking she baited Donald Trump with the tweet that Mr. Trump can be baited.

Do you think that Donald Trump is not aware this old hag has a game plan, that Khizr Khan was not the suicide bomber, and that this next phase of HIDING HILLARY as everyone  hates her, GETTING IMAGE OBAMA TO TRASH TALK MR. TRUMP, while this cuckservative sniping takes place planting stories about pouty Paul Manafort or that feminine Ben Shapiro vomits up the "the sky is falling" again, is already being handled.

For those who have not paid attention, I will happen to mention that the Lame Cherry embarked upon a psychological operation to marginalize Paul Manafort and within 2 weeks it took place.

I told people at the start of this TO LET TRUMP BE TRUMP, as he is at his best in being Mr. Trump and has only has problems when these Skousen  types prevail upon Mr. Trump's good graces.

I was speaking with TL about this on our return home, and the fact is Americans are fed up with these pre packages tv dinner Hillary Clinton types of everything all in place and tasting like the box. Donald Trump is Mom's home cooking in it never tastes the same, never looks  the same, but it is what you keep coming back to and why you hate restaurant food.

I am at the point after Paul Manafort and his experts had a delegate revolt, Ted Cruz being an IED and picking Mike Pence, that it reminds me when my brother had a bitch with his stud, and he was so getting in the way of them fucking, that they never did get it done. That is what Joel Skousen is so fucking anal about. He won't allow the intercourse between Donald Trump and the public take place in all the cuddling to all the rough sex, as it is not the insiders 12 grunts and a cig.

I am listening to Skousen prognosticate now in his expertise that World War III starts in North Korea. Listen Joel Skousen knows a great deal, but he is just like all these always experts in absorbed in their arrogance. Let us look at the Lame Cherry assessment of where World War III starts.

World War I did not start in started in a Lusitania ship under American registry.

World War  II started in Pearl Harbor.......not Japan.

9 11 started at the Twin Towers, not fricking North Korea.

When the move comes, and I will touch on this tomorrow in exclusive Lame Cherry matter anti matter, it will START IN AMERICA, not Pyongyang.

These insiders get all their shit wrong, because they are played by the lords and priests to lose, and that is the reality.

Donald Trump is the horse. As Clint Eastwood said today, stop being a pussy in trying to turn a horse into car to drive around, so get the fuck over it in your feelings get hurt, and your head is up your ass in thinking you are such an expert, as Donald Trump is here by God's hand, and I trust that horse to get us out of Indian Country.

Oh yeah, Paul Ryan gets flamed. Who gets blamed? Mike Pence, and the GOPliters get castrated, and Donald Trump just keeps pumping his manhood all over this political landscape and Americans love it.

Paul Ryan might as well of pulled his penis out, drew a magic marker smiley face on it, and let it endorse him, for all the fucking good Mike Pence will do in Wisconsin. Mike Pence is small change and Donald Trump is the manhood everyone is admiring in the room.


You think you know so much shit?

Who has the hot wife?

Who has the great kids?

Who has the jet with the gold plated faucets?

Who beat the GOP elite?

Who can rally 40 million loaded guns for him while you couldn't get some one to throw a rock at you?

Donald Trump is the expert and the rest of you are shit for brains.

Nuff Said


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