Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Thank you for listening

I wanted to write a sincere note of thanks to the two people who donated recently, in one wrote a note and the other did not. I detest whiners, but I have had a real shitty past week. In no delusions of grandeur, it is a solitary thing which is being accomplished through me.

I can take getting beat up and innocents murdered most times, but it piles up. It comes to the point that even notes from those like the Viking, have me losing ground. Who is not tired, who is not fed up with this treachery and who is not stunned by the epic evil that America has become.

I really am not enjoying the blog and it feels more like an artillery barrage slugging back daily. Today I was surprised as I was opening the gate for Baby Belle and Daisy in a hen pheasant with around 9 chics flew up in front of me, and flew down to my test patches of heirloom corn.
I am so numb that I watch like a statue at what should be delighting me.

So I get surprised at kind words even from TL and wonder what people see.

I want to express my appreciation, as I end up being moved to do the impossible and the unpopular, like starting the information roll on that fraud Khan or a more necessary virtue in making Paul Manafort pout.

There is something building which is a stand alone, that I hope to deal with by God's Grace, which will be an exclusive tomorrow. It is important enough to shove the Khan exposure back a day.

I do will to express my appreciation though, as I know I knock things about like a ton of brick, but subtle like a nuclear bomb will not even knock any sense into those apostates bringing the end on all of us.

Thank you for listening.