Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Is it only legal for Obama to bomb Hillary?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Donald Trump is such a good man, that it honestly did not occur to him, when he said that gun owners should do something to stop Hillary Clinton, that he meant voting and not shooting her.
I checked in inquiry and Saint Donald was telling the Truth again. I am beginning to think that Donald Trump is the image of George Washington in "I can not  tell a lie".

What I do understand is the press pressing this issue like David Gergen and others in the left, as they really do hope that Hillary Clinton does get shot by a right winger or any Muslim gun owner, because then in sacrificing Hamrod the Whore of Gotham, they get gun control and Joe Biden for the election.  That is what they really want.

What I do not understand is with that NYC824 event, in the Obama regime seeking to provide the nuclear solution to Hillary Clinton, is why the press is not upset about that?
I mean is it because Donald Trump says things they want to have happen or is it because Obama has not told them about Hillary the ash pile?

This really should be the focus of this, in liberals comprise two groups who want Hamrod tits up:

Group 1: Liberals who Hillary is blackmailing.

Group 2: Liberals who Hillary is not blackmailing but they could work a better deal with Joe Biden.

So you can see why liberals are so excited about finding any opening in the hope that someone weaponizes Hillary.
Thing is Hillary Clinton was begging some redneck to blast Birther Hussein in 2008, as the reason she was staying in the race, she figured some James Earl it was James Earl Ray who got framed for offing Martin King jr...........any way the cartel used to shoot people who were problems, but they sort of gave that up, as too many of these political pimps are problems, and it is easier to just blackmail the weaklings like Ted Cruz.

Anyway, the fuss is for liberals is Hillary is going to be found tits up from natural causes, as this woman keeps needing propping up. This photo shows it requires 3 adults to prop up Hillary. She must have big bones and is solid as a rock to need 3 people to hold up her rotunda. She simply does not look that hefty, but I suppose she does dress out at about 185 with that ass fat on her, complimenting her solid bones.....and yes we know that Hillary is solid in the hips, or she would have broke something long ago. Her weak spot is her brain which is not really a surprise.

I really have to complete something for Thursday which is important, but it was important to point out that Donald Trump is not the problem, because it is liberals who get excited over Mrs. Clinton dead, and it is the Obama regime goosing up that nuclear H bomb to hide Hillary's corpse in it.

That is about it on this subject.

Oh and as another support for female liberals, Malia Queenie Obama was toking in Chicago to be a choom head like her adopted image Obama........and the Lame Cherry advocates the DEA take the next trainload of pot head they seize, to ship it off to Malia's bedroom and let her go haze, as it certainly has worked out really well for Muchelle, the Choom head, and dear old Hillary Clinton.

Malia Obama Smoking Pot - YouTube

Malia Obama caught smoking pot at Lollapalooza. ... Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barack Obama talk about their Marijuana use - Duration: 5:01.