Thursday, August 11, 2016

Jersey females are all Woman

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As I write this, I have discovered that Daisy is much heavier than I thought she was or I thought 700 pounds is much lighter on my foot than I thought it would be.

This all started with Baby Belle not appearing, and my having to go find her, doing whatever she was doing which so important. This then led to not enough room and Daisy walking on my feet, including hers.

All of this started, because  the girls were big girls and could be trusted in not needing ropes to lead them to their which they decided to run in opposite directions and find all the apple trees here and start eating branches and apples.

This all started because Jersey's  being very intelligent I assumed they were not emotional creatures who like all women demanded attention, but at the same time demanded to be left completely alone.

So we have Jersey girls who are all women. I cringe at the thought of a Jersey miniature bull in thinking he will be all man with two testicles the size of king kong balls to provide the attitude there.

Daisy is very loving and enjoys bringing herself to the center of attention. Belle is very loving and enjoys you bringing your center to her attention.
As you can understand one Jersey going in reverse and one Jersey is going fast forward do not provide the most positive experience when I am holding both ends of their ropes.

It also helps that one Jersey can perfectly time swatting me with her tail in the back of my head and one Jersey with horns innocently gores me up the ass at opportune times.

It does come down to being grateful in knowing how close the world was to making these two Jersey's not anything. I tell them that when they have attitude, but like all women it is there for the moment and never appreciated. Grateful that my foot was not broken, and only broke vessels which burn to remind me the girls are here and well.

I think of Daisy every time she drinks, how she makes this groaning yawn afterwards and how Baby Belle always has to be invited to do anything, except if she decides to run over to apple trees or down the drive way.

Time to look at my foot.