Friday, August 5, 2016

Khan Islamic Intelligence

 Hell if I'm guarding a Muslim nation looking to Hillary Clinton

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Donald Trump has handled the Khizr Kahn situation perfectly, in stoking the interest in it enough, so that the real investigative journalists would begin building the story of what and who Hillary Clinton's Muslim attack jihadist Khizr Khan really is.

All have read the work here, and now another important piece has dovetailed into this intrigue in the investigative journalism of Wayne Madsen.

To understand Khizr Khan is to understand the terror sponsorship of Obama voter Zbiginiew Brzezinski, the crazed Polish operative from the Jimmy Carter years who dreamed dead Russians  in the streets and Militant Islam producing the work out of the Afghan War.

The funding for this started for the Muhajadeen in the Carter years, with the money and operations filtering through Pakistani Intelligence, who still runs all of the terror groups in Afghanistan. It would be Ronald Reagan who would arm the Muhajadeen with Stinger SAM missiles to checkmate the Soviet air force, and drive them out, but in this Khizr Khan had already escaped Pakistan and was earning American degrees at the University of Missouri and Harvard, while focusing on Pakistani Saudi trade law, and ending up in New York in the Muslim slave trade for profit.

The red light in this of warning is that when Capt. Khan was receiving martyrdom in Iraq, that at his funeral in Arlington Viriginia, there appeared the DCM Mohammad Sadiq who was the head of Pakistani Intelligence in Washington DC.
Revisit the facts that Pakistan was never involved in the Iraq War, and Khizr Khan had been America 30 years, and Capt. Khan was not even a Pakistani, because he was birthed in the Mideast.

For the Pakistani station chief to appear at the funeral, means the Khan family is a spy family directly involved in the Muslim spy network.
Khizr Khan works by the American mission in New York City, his wife works hours away as a pediatrician in Virginia from their home in the Muslim sanctuary city which the Obama regime set up in Charlottesville.

I am going to tell you what Khizr Khan is, and that he is a political officer of Pakistani Intelligence in the United States, both importing Pakistani intelligence assets to infiltrate all facets of American society, and he is the minder or a mini khan of this group of Pakistani invaders in directing and ruling them.

To understand the present Khan is to understand the history as it degraded in the Bill and Hillary Clinton years. Bush41 had abused the Russians, and Bill Clinton humiliated the Russians, to the extent that the former KGB decided to settle the score by selling Saddam Hussein 1 Satan warhead which was too big for his Scud's and over a dozen nuclear warheads of various sizes to  the Ayatollahs of Iran.
Iran has had nuclear weapons for years, and this is why the surprise appeared when the Clinton's allowed Pakistan, in order to offset Iraq and Iran, to build the Dr. Khan a bomb in Pakistan, which was Saudi Arabian funded.
So yes from Hillary Clinton, not only did nuclear war  almost start in Kosovo with Russia, but Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, also became clandestine nuclear powers, much to the fury of India and other powers.

This is what Khizr Khan represents. He is the need for a moment in failed US Carter policy to deal with the Soviet expansion and bringing down the Shah of Iran, for Brzezinski militant Islam, and when America has no real Islamic friends, due to overt funding of the Jews in the Israeli state, the Americans get the nuclear waste products of Islam, and 30 years ago it was Pakistan, and today it is the Obama Muslim radical Turks, holding American nuclear warheads hostage.

The work of Wayne Madsen provides the missing pieces which reveal the treachery of Khizr Khan and his family. If you need to understand the criminality of this, Khizr Khan is an intelligence asset of the Pakistani terror intelligence, with protection from the Obama regime, and direct connection to Hillary Clinton inside her campaign. This is nothing new as Huma Abedin is a Saudi intelligence asset which has been influencing the installation of Muslim agents inside the willing Obama regime for the entire tenure of the regime.

There is no doubt about this. While the press does pulp rape on Melania Trump coming to America for work, the reality is Khizr Khan has Islamic intelligence all over him for the overthrow of America to a Sharia State, and that is what America used to arrest criminals for and after trial, hang them for the threat to America they are.

So let us face the fact that Hillary Clinton's three top assets in John Podesta is a financial whore of Islam, Huma Abedin is an asset for Saudi radical Islam and Khizr Khan is an asset for Pakistani intelligence. You are looking at the reason why the Obama regime in quid pro quo has been blowing up the Mideast and why millions of Islamic jihadists have been flooding into America and Europe.

Hillary Clinton has Muslim spies on her staff who do not need to hack into her email server, because Hillary is either emailing them or these Muslim spies are writing them for Mrs. Clinton.

Nuff Said.