Friday, August 5, 2016

Come kneel before the Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Donald Trump, the same Donald Trump, not quite ready to endorse Paul Ryan, has now endorsed Paul Ryan.

Paul Nehlen's response to Mr. Trump:

Nehlen says Trump's decision "is appropriate and is a display of true leadership."

Ask yourself exactly what it was in the art of the dealt that Mr. Trump has extricated  from the GOPliters for this pledge, which means absolutely nothing, as it will not change the furious public, and in a week, with the culls all culled, no one will care, as Republican nominee Paul Nehlen will still be saying what a swell guy, Donald Trump is.

So let us review, Hillary, Obama and the GOPliters unleashed unholy hell on Mr. Trump, exposing their Khan game with fake polling, Mr. Trump has already made contact with Paul Nehlen in the way Corey Lewandowski was kept on board, and the culls just keep falling by the way.

Do not panic or lose confidence in Mr. Trump, as this was another brilliant deal. Mr. Trump gave nothing, learned a great deal, has lost nothing, and now the GOPe owe him.

Trump endorses House Speaker Paul Ryan; Expresses support for McCain and Ayotte...

Escalates attacks on Hillary's character...

Clinton's post-convention bounce runs into a familiar wall: Emails...  

There is only so much political fuel in olde Hillary and Granny Hamrod just fired her afterburners along with McCain and Ryan.

The timing is unusual. The rally is being held on a Friday night opposite the opening ceremonies of the Olympics

Nothing unusual at all about it if your purpose is to not vote for traitors like Ryan and McCain.

Come kiss the ring baby.