Saturday, August 20, 2016

Minnesota: An Obama Clinton Terror Event

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Long since dead is the Minnesota of Charles Lindbergh and Hubert H. Humphrey, and all that remains  is this condescending mob of self righteous trash, epitomized by the memorial of Paul Wellstone where one of his nut fuck followers, was screaming at Governor Jesse Ventura to "repent" along with all other Republicans for not being democrats.

Agitators Block Trump Motorcade, Jump on Vehicle...

Supporters punched, forced to run 'gauntlet'...

Spit on...

You simply have to know what Minnesota is, because the are a people at the base who are nice. In Minnesota, if someone offers you some coffee at their home, you must turn it down.
They will then ask you again and insist. You will then insist on not putting them out. They will then nag you a third time and prevail upon you to take the coffee that you do want, and you will humbly accept the gift and be filled with great sorrow for having made someone serve you.

That is Minnesota in that mix of Scandinavians and Germans, who have been imprisoned by the Mark Dayton traitors, along with the Arnie Carlson stooges.

See in Minnesota, you just cannot be a democrat or a in Minnesota they are the IR, the Independent Republicans, as God forbid a Minnesotans should lower themselves to join with people like Ronald Reagan.
Even democrats are not democrats in they are the DFL, the Democrat Farmer Labor party. Yes the day was that being a tacanite miner in the arrowhead, a mill worker in Minneapolis or a farmer in Mankato, meant that you were better than everyone else because you are were Minnesotan.

For those who do not remember the salad days of CNN in Atlanta, there was a ridiculous mockery of CNN in every world event was weighed in how Atlanta would if it mattered.
Seriously, that is Minnesota Metro to this day. Honest to God, if Paris burns down Channel 5 or Channel 4 will have some wonkette on the street doing interviews with some street trash in how Minnesota feels about it if it matters, but in the Minnesota psychopathy is is serious and taken as Sermon on the Mount.

That is why the Twin Cities are a shit hole, heaped up with the refuse of the world. Every cull that ever dropped out of a womb, ends up in Minnesota. California puts up fliers to get illegals to go to Minnesota to get rid of them, and Minnesota just loves it as in their mind it means they care.

So when you witness some disgusting 3rd world drama at a Wellstone funeral or some anarchists jumping on Donald Trump's car being not American, that is Minnesota at what it is. There is outstate Minnesota that is nice in not knowing what the hell do with that kind of embarrassment and there is the Metro which just beams with pride being the kind of city state that Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton want all of America to become.

Do you not get why Minnesota is were some 9 11 hijackers trained? Why Somali terrorists were produced in Minnesota? It is the same cesspool as Milwaukee, in being little Pyongyangs of liberal communism, and they are the cancer which is on Hillary Clinton's tongue which needs to be cut out.

What happened to Donald Trump and his Republican, Democrat and Independent supporters is criminal, and it starts with Mark Dayton. It follows with the Minnesota State Troopers. It continues on with Minneapolis police, and it is the ilk of Keith Ellison and whatever other treacherous shit stokes up these terrorists siding with Hillary Clinton emails, as this was an  Obama Clinton terrorism event.

Any American with sense would be humiliated in having a national leader come to their state, and have their citizens infringe on their rights and assault the followers who came to listen to that person speak. It is reprehensible and disgusting and is nothing to do with America, but it is what America has degraded to under Obama Clinton.

I personally have decided upon a Lame Cherry Doctrine which I hope one day becomes a standard Trump White Paper, and once President Trump creates the safe zones in the Mideast and Africa, that Attorney General Chris Christy, employs an entire division of "Citizenship Reviews" and this trash from Minnesota which was responsible for this terrorism against Donald Trump and his supporters, be hauled before it, and their American Citizenship revoked. Their property seized. An RFID chip is injected into their brains, and they be immediately deported to an adjoining camp next to the Obama terror camps, with the understanding that if they appear in North America again,  there is a 10,000 dollar bounty on them to be shot on sight.

I have had it with the Outlaw USA of this ilk. There must be consequences to acts destroying America, and as I am not about to pay for keeping this shit in prison, I demand as a law abiding Citizen for this criminal ilk to be stripped of all rights and dumped into the desert where they can fend for themselves as they do not appreciate the blood, sweat, prayers and tears of Christian Americans who God blessed to create this nation.

........and that includes Mark Dayton stripped of Citizenship, so he can lead his colony of shit heads where no one will care in their extinction.

Appoint me the power Mr. Trump, and I will deport 40 million invaders, 90 million slave laborers and 20 million insurrectionists. That solves the budget debt, puts the 95 million Ameicans to work in good jobs, and ceases these oligarch traitor billionaires and their political and police ilk terrorizing Americans.

I'll locate the Deportation Center in Minneapolis and I won't leave 5000 people in that shit hole.

You Americans want a mansion?  I'll give you your start in Minnesota as there is going to be allot of housing available there in 2017 AD in the year of our Lord.

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