Saturday, August 20, 2016

Mormons must now pay 100 times standard rate for Blog Entry

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I invested my chore time today cussing. Cussing because there are good people who donate and write nice notes sometimes, and I appreciate nice people, and then there are people who donated when Moses got off the boat, never have donated, or not donated enough that I would know who the hell they are or who donate something thinking it is an eternal contract to be a pest.
And for those pricks thinking Moses did not get off the boat.......check where Moses got pulled out of the Nile you religtards.

Now back to the subject as the inquiry at TL was about NYC, if it was real or not, and what TL knew, from some Mormon.

When  I was informed of this, I replied something like, "If they are not donating, you do not bother with them".
And then I added something like, "God damn Mormons, why don't they ask those God damn Mormon elders in Salt Lake City mosque if they want answers, as those God damn Mormon elders always come up with some satanic shit, like Niggers are people too back in the 1970's so they could be more than just collection plate slaves".

That really pisses me off when you got this God damn Mormon, with money to be sitting on his ass online, got money to send his God damn Mormon kinder out converting 3rd world shit heads to that satanic Mormon cult, and that adds up to a big wad of cash to me of around 5000 bucks, but I am supposed to be the starving oracle on the mountain, because the God damn Mormons are all poor. Bullshit, horse shit and Turdy Mitt Mormon shit.

Sure it is ok to use me like a whore. I know what has been going on in the secret meetings in the Facebook groups......people trashing me, people calling me tin foil, people who are fucking stealing my information and reposting it as their cuntard insights. You are all shit and it would serve you right to be shitting bloody nuclear poison shit.
Honestly as I was doing chores, I regretted that it did not occur to me earlier to attempt to move the time line out of NYC and into Salt Lake.......get them Islamists to load another 300 megaton hydrogen charge into the old hot pot, and light her up in Mormonville. Scorch that whole God damn state, which hates Trump, loves that rat fucker Ted Cruz.......and by the way, go ask that rat fucker Ted Cruz, your Mormon idol if you want to know what the hell is real or not.

I know what is going to happen if I get the time line changed......I will be called a liar and mocked, and demanding "where's the proof". Piss off.
I have one agenda in this and it is simple. To protect Donald Trump and his family first. Second to somehow get this exposed so the series of events does not domino take place that beings this Obama scorched earth nuclear war in Europe. I could care less if every liberal metro in America gets torched. I care about ponies. I care about Irish Setters and I care about what I stated in the beginning of all of this, in protecting Christians in the east and west, and doing that by Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

There are actually good people out there. A man from Western Nebraska now displaced who apologizes for reading the blog in thinking they have not donated enough. It pleases me to read of family vacations, and daughters in school and my concern is over the child.

That is always the problem here at the Lame Cherry in it is like a buffet with a donation bucket. You always get a few people who give more than they should. Then there are those who give too much. Then there are those who can not afford to give, and then there are those who think a dollar gives them the right to fill their plate, feed their 500 relatives, take a truckload of food out, and stop by to fuck the waitress to get their money's worth......or to get on the free meal that someone else is paying for.

So todays agenda was making homemade egg noodles, and for only God's known reasons, I got a Yahoo mail today as only Maggie will understand the address. Is Yahoo Ireland and that pleases me as for some reason I was able to get the address in being denied previously on Falcon Crest. That will be my uber private email and I will not get any more of these God damn Muslims trying to log into Yahoo from Pakistan. 

I am wondering now though in the Jesus White Throne Judgment of all them God damn Mormons, in the evidence of calling Jesus satan's brother and then the bank account where they send their spawn out into the world with the bad news of sending them all to hell in a false Gospel.

Oh well, pissed off now, and maybe that is what it needed to take this to a horizon point, exposing all the evil.

As of this moment, NYC824 is on station in Philadelphia. NSA is monitoring. Only Green Berets on station. Inquiry states take down is New York platform.
That was for the real poor people and for the real friends of this blog, my children who are not a cult of demoniacs leading the innocent to hell.

To the Viking, Hugo Wolf is what TL says is better than Herr Wagner. Think you would like Elfen Lied. Is pretty, more feminine like Bach mixed with Bizet's work.
Like a depressing DeBussy.