Monday, August 15, 2016

Mr. President, Henry Clinton

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have heard a rumor that Hillary Clinton is making the maleshe change to transform from Hillary to Henry Clinton. She has begun by first mimicking every policy Donald Trump has put forward, which the Ted Cruz cuckservatives have run from.

Now though, grey old Hillary is sprouting dark roots and reddish blonde hair like the great German Scottish American, Donald Trump.

What is most troubling about this is not that Hillary in her degraded condition suffering from brain diseases has taken the step like Bruce Jenner and Richard Simmons, but that she is not just physically scarred, but is psychologically scarred in hating being a woman, and wanting to be the man in the room as everyone loves Donald Trump.

This is serious psychologically, due to the fact that Muchelle and Birther Obama were content to be shemales and maleshes, but Henry Clinton is now in complete mental breakdown, as whatever Mrs. Clinton was as the Rockefeller minder, she is now Mr.  Clinton auditioning for penis augmentation surgery.

Certainly this is nothing new in Chaz Bono took the knife and put in plastic testicles, but Chas soon discovered he wanted to be a girl again, as girls only want to have fun and being a man is boring.

I do have concerns for Mrs. Clinton becoming a man, because as a woman her Parkinsons will allow her to be living a semi normal life, but as Henry Clinton her life will be shortened.  As a woman she has problems with that big butt of her's with diabetes, but as Henry it is clogged arteries and a massive heart attack.
This is the danger in all of this, in Hillary Clinton as a woman can treat her diseases, and dong things she is qualified for like baking cookies and coloring in color books, but as a man, Henry Clinton will drop dead like Anton Scalia in bed.

There are pluses to having a penis, because one does not have to sit down to pee, but instead stands in a stall where other men have pissesd, and have all of that golden shower spraying back on you. I can see after being with Huma, how Henry Clinton would be attracted by such things, but I would think that it would be easier to just go down to Auto Zone, get yourself a foot long Elvis Presley rubber hose to stick up your wazoo and piss out of that as a trial. I mean it is like 5 bucks with tax, and certainly less expensive and time consuming for the aged and degrading Mrs. Clinton.

In this LGTPDQ or whatever era, I do not want to deny Mr. Clinton her rights, because Hillary already has the hairy legs, and in old age she honestly would make a handsome man. Sort of like Robert Dinero or John Fogerty in being handsome men who look like women.

See for those who forget, this is not the first color phase change of Henry or Bill. Back in the 1990's the Clintons looked to young that pedophiles kept trying to lure them into vans, that they both embarked  on greying up their hair to make them look more mature.
Seriously, Hillary back in the day dressed in pink and telling Ken Starr that she did not recall how FBI files with her fingerprints on them appeared on White House tables, was quite virginal attractive. I think Rush Limbaugh wanted to spank that poodles ass and make her bark like a dog, when he was  not trying to get Markie Post to wank off John Ritter and him in tandem. Yes Rush Limbaugh once flirted with being straight, but fortunately his gay Hollywood friends, trips to the Clinton West Indies and a suitcase full of Viagra ended all of that. The point is Hillary Clinton was once attractive and had as big of tits as Val-erie least while in the White House.  They must hand out toilet tissue there for free in how big women's tits get in that place who are lesbians.

So I can understand that now having a sex slave, and with Vince Foster dead, how Hillary is looking for an erection of her own to be like Donald Trump, as what lesbian would not have dreamed of having the kind of gorgeous women are them that Donald Trump has marrying him.
It all makes sense as Americans hate Hillary as a woman, so she will now become Henry the wife of Bill and husband of Huma, and then Hillary can hold her hands up to Marco Rubio for him to admire the size of them,  while Ted Cruz talks about having sex with Henry Clinton and rats.

Who would have thought that 2016 would have come down to the Battle of the Penis.......or the battle of Donald Trump's Penis, Gary Johnson's smoking roach, Jill Stein's vagina and Hillary Clintons ...........ass stuffed skin sack penis which was made off the yards of  wrinkled hide being harvested off her neck.
It is really something that the man and woman in the race are now Donald Trump and Jill Stein, while people are confused  about Gary Johnson and Hillary Clinton, as to just what the hell these things are.

Just amazing that Hillary Clinton is being taken out by a woman with a heart and a man with a cock. I still think though that Henry with his neck fold penis is no match in a cage fight between Henry and Jill. Jill could take him, because with that Parkinson's Hillary Henry would brain freeze in the first round and Stein would land a haymaker and it would be lights out Clinton.

Hillary Clinton with a cock. That still amazes me as she has not had one of them in the 20th century. I pit that cock really, as with Hillary's confusion she will probably be phoning 9 11 telling the dispatcher she has a tumor that keeps squirting her. At least with a rubber hose, Henry being a man would recognize it's potential and go out the garage and fix the car, so that 5 bucks would not go to waste.

I suppose what comes next is Bill and Henry will settle down in defeat to raping women tag team.....or flying to pervert island to molest children for the Clinton Foundation. Either way I suspect that as Henry's dick sags that he will be wearing it for a belt and Bill will have nightmares of I did have sex with that man, Henry Clinton.

Good news for Webb Hubbles daughter Chelsea though, as now she can save money in eliminating mother's day, and just buy the same present wholesale for her three fathers.