Monday, August 15, 2016

Texans were Booing Ted Cruz's Speech

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I am voting my conscience, Sen. Cruz

Alicia Colon

By Alicia Colon

Published August 15, 2016

Alicia Cohen, over at Jewish World Review, had this bit of information which has been hidden away from the Republican Convention.

It has been reported that since Trump had read Cruz's speech, the subsequent booing that resulted when Cruz told delegates to "Vote Your Conscience" was orchestrated by the Trump campaign. That may not be the case.
A friend of mine whose wife was a Kentucky delegate next to the Texans said it was the Cruz voters that started the chanting because they were disappointed by that comment. Cruz then thanked the New Yorkers assuming that they had started the booing. Nope, Senator, it was your supporters who hoped you would be doing the right thing to unify the party.

So for the few caustic political bastards and paid mogs still screaming and ranting on comment sections, the reality is it was the Texans who started booing Ted Cruz, and the next morning were still reading Cruz the riot act for his being a treacherous ass.

What is worse in this, is Ted Cruz blamed the New York Delegates for starting this in a public smear ranting at them during his diatribe on the floor. Ted Cruz owes New York an APOLOGY.

Someday all of this will come out, when the billionaires who were screwed over by Ted Cruz and the Cruz cult once they figure out they were manipulated, start piecing more of these pieces together. It will not be of a great deal of interest then, but we will then have the insider story of all of the Ted Cruz crimes against Americans.

Texans should be proud of standing for America in their Delegates and New Yorkers should be proud for the restraint they exhibited when savaged by this horrid little politician of foreign birth named  Rafael Ted Cruz.

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