Thursday, August 4, 2016

Neutralizing the Press Assassin Coordinated Attacks

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

A President Trump in order to save America, is mandated to take control of the Sub Operational Groups, which means the conglomerates, NGO's, Foundations, news  media and intelligence assets which manage and coordinate with the political party elite, as America is now a condition of the political minders vs. Donald Trump, for the American Genocide.


There is no "blood in the water". What there is are the same traitors of the Paul Manafort GOPliters who thought they could brainwash Mr. Trump into being another sock puppet betraying America.

CROWLEY: Media lies accelerate at blinding speed...

Fabricate Trump 'Implosion'...

Claim 'Dropping Out'...

The  Lame Cherry is stating a fact. President Trump will have to engage in a putsch of the entire socio conglomerate intelligence syndicate, as in there will have to be real traitors executed, real exiles, real disappearances, and real ruthless prosecutions to end this genocide on Americans.
This will not be a matter of half assed policies of John Kennedy or Ronald Reagan leaving the Bush to watch the hen house. This will have to be purge with complete Presidential carte blanche, in unrescindable executive orders signed ante officium or before becoming President. There can be legal debate on it later, but when Bill Clinton can make retro active taxes, Birther Hussein can make deals with terrorists before office, and Richard Nixon can negotiate with South Vietnam before being elected, Donald Trump has the legal power to sign executive orders in spe or anticipation, which Mike Pence must carry out sub poena mortis, with full executive action that those attempting to stop these orders from being carried out are traitors and part of the conspiracy which removed Mr. Trump, and will face the exact same extreme prejudice of sentence.

The problems in this are not the criminal Hillary Clinton or some Ben Shapiro. It is the conglomerates who control these assets for the real powers behind them. Put the doomsday scenario into place, which Mr. Trump can laugh off in public with "more crank Hillary Clinton unbalanced right wing conspiracies", and these press assassin attacks will cease.

John  Kennedy and Ronald Reagan's blood was spilled, because this is a blood sport.  That which created LaVoy Finicum is the threat which must be turned into an asset, making recipients of those establishment murderers who gave us Patty Hearst and Andrew Breitbart.

This is not a free press. This is High Crimes against the Citizens of the United States for mass genocide.

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