Monday, August 1, 2016

Now it is Captain Con

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These key facts of Capt. Kahn have been missing from all of the media propaganda which are smarmy and unsettling in Capt. Kahn's "men" were not Americans in the least at the base he was stationed. It explains a great deal more how Americans injured there reported Iraqi "workers" were entering the gate and that they noticed the suicide bomb vehicle there and no one was doing anything about it.

Here are the quotes from By Yoichi Shimatsu.

Pay particular attention that this Suni Muslim (Pakistan is predominantly Suni) was training Iraqi assassins in MASS at Baquba Air Base.
This Muslim was in the military to gain a free education to be a lawyer. That is why he was a Captain as he was awarded this position of high rank and high pay and did not achieve it.
By Yoichi Shimatsu

 To correct easy assumptions, Capt. Khan was not a front-line infantryman. He was an officer at Headquarters of the 1st Infantry.
“During his three months in Iraq, Khan helped put Iraqi civilians to work for $5 an hour patrolling the streets of Baquba under the U.S. Army, his father said. The program, dubbed the United States-Iraq Sponsorship Program, was intended to help combat high unemployment and provide the local population with security and peace, his father said.”

(This phrasing indicates the father possibly had some sort of intelligence role in the Iraq War.)

At the time, the Pentagon and CIA were trying to transfer security tasks to Iraqis and also were secretly establishing assassination teams, which eventually melded together as ISIS. If Khan Senior was involved in any of this, Virginia law enforcement had better keep an eye on his sanctuary city.

Prior to Iraq, Capt. Khan was based at Rose Barracks, Vilseck, Germany, with the Ist Infantry. Rose Barracks is a Military Intelligence center, which conducted Human Intelligence (use of local spies and infiltrators), Drone Warfare operations (analysis and planning), and Chemical-Biological-Nuclear operations (as related to Baquba air base). The 2nd Cavalry-Stryker force provided most of the defense intel officers, and 1st nfantry specialists were assigned to key roles including translation and ordnance analysis. Capt. Khan was a military spy in operations of a clandestine nature inimical to the welfare of Muslims worldwide and subversive of the U.S. Constitution, hardly a hero of democracy.

Contrary to America media reports, Capt. Khan was not a American native. He was born in Dubai (along with an older brother) and immigrated with his family at age 2. Presumably, as residents of Dubai on the Arabian Peninsula, the family was conversant in Arabic, since otherwise a Pakistani-American Urdu speaker would have been sent by defense intelligence to Afghanistan.

 So you understand this, Capt. Khan was employed SETTING UP THE GENESIS OF ISIS in Iraq, in order to murder the dissenting Saddam Hussein Muslims, in order to transform them into this Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Barack Obama ISIS, which was nothing but an oil piracy operation to funnel money to various crooked politicians who set all of this up.

Of course Capt. Khan was among Iraqi trained assassins, and of course a suicide bomb was there, because this was the Muslim Mafia at war, but we do not know if Capt. Khan was trying to kill off the American assets or the competing Muslim Mafia trying to stop the establishment of ISIS Mafia to bring about the Obama Spring world of mass murder slaughtering all of us today.

You want the roots of San Bernardino, Ft. Hood and Orlando, Paris, Nice? It is satan only knows what the hell Capt. Khan was unleashing. While George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld were trying what is now the failed policy of "democratization" of Muslims, which voted in all the terrorists, there was another group using the Khan's to set up what would become this new community organized Marxist Muslim terror states.

The chilling part in this is Mr. Shimatsu notes that Khizr Khan resides in Virginia in an invader Muslim sanctuary city, while his human traffick import business in New York is the money train.

It should be something for the VFW and all of these Mike Pence types of the Paul Manafort apologizers to apologize now to Donald Trump, because we now have the poster boy of a groomed Muslim intelligence officer who was either hit by another mafia faction, he was trying to wipe out for ISIS or Capt. Khan was so tortured by his jihadi father, Khizr, and committed suicide and tried to take out as many assassins he was training as he could.