Monday, August 1, 2016

Reference was not to Davy Jones locker

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It is always the case that people not causing a problem thinking they are, while the non donating glommers think they can ride the pony to death and not be responsible.


Thank you for attempting to answer my question about the 3rd eye. You are very kind as I believe you’re incredibly busy and I understand your comments about people writing you,  expecting way too much. For that I sincerely apologize, and promise not to write in the future.

As far as the 3rd eye is concerned, I believe I misunderstood the meaning. I am on a spiritual path and struggle constantly trying to open myself and learn to communicate with outer realms and serve God in my way. “For the work I do or how things work for me, I project, scan and sense from my heart, soul or Spirit.........from that place inside of me. I release from the brain sensory. That is secondary as I think from the Spirit and my subconscious in the back of my brain is what is registering and processing the information coming in”.  I understand, I think, exactly what you’re saying and is close to the techniques and philosophy I’m studying.  It’s just my struggle to quiet the mind and work from the eternal present that, even after years of practice, I just can’t seem to overcome. But it’s not the last strike that breaks a stone, it’s all of them.

Thank you so much for your work,

Some advice for those who are attempting this and it is worth your soul.

  • In looking out, you are opening the window to you, and demons or projections can come into you which you never want. What is taking place in most people is their natural God provided shield protecting them from themselves. YOU as in your automatic guard has to be in place with the Holy Ghost like a firewall. You are opening the window instead of sensing through it.
  • To sense, it is a reality to always activate the Holy Ghost first and last. One has to direct to a target as unless one touches, one does not sense. To learn to sense is to divert your attention while awake, like focusing on a dousing rod, diverts the attention of the physical mind, so the aura will receive the current. All objects have current of a sort, but they are like Joseph's divination cup. There is nothing in water or wine, but it is the mind is diverted so it begins to see.

That about answers it. People like myself are naturally distrusting, so things do not show up possessing, as I have explained previously.

Perhaps a good exercise is to focus on someone you love, as you have a connection and you will sense their emotions in practice.

Think that is about it.