Sunday, August 14, 2016

NYC824 Philadelphia Stage

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As of Friday night with a headache, NYC824 had reached it's staging point in Philadelphia. Inquiry states it is at some type of parking garage of military access.

I was tracking it on Thursday as it was moving through eastern Tennessee, and pondering over how the original time line.........I could feel the human element of uncertanty in it in the drivers now knowing for certain when it would depart Missouri, and their questioning if their cause was worth "behold I have become death".

The Pakistani scientists who built this in America, believe the device will go off. Their American handler is certain of that too. This is a go operation. Those above the handler do not believe NYC824 will detonate as it is not part of the agenda.

It is odd in feeling the time line of all of the dead and pushing myself away from that mauling mass of energy. That time line is death and still is crushingly there, but those directing this, have a different time line agenda, and yet that is not what I am feeling.

As of Friday night, inquiry reads this as an implosion generated atomic device, which sets off the hydrogen. Inquiry states the kryptonite fuses are not in place. Without fuses this is just another pile of expensive toy. I did not ask if the fuses will be set in Philadelphia or New York upon arrival. I am assuming NYC at the parking garage.

There are  at least two time lines in this. The one I feel in death, and the one prescribed by the controllers which has this device not detonating, as their purpose is to have the device discovered, pin it back on ISIS, where the Obama regime will set forward a series of strike counter strikes to being world war. Last inquiry pointed to the regime will strike Syria, with real intent to drive Russia from that nation, and then another regime constructed device will detonate in north Italy to cut off the Russian invasion route in the southern spear.

It is what is puzzling to me, in it feels wrong at this moment, like something is going to go amiss. The controllers inquiry points to are moving to shoot the Muslims in another grand 9 11 rescue, but something feels in this that someone wants this device to go off in a dead man's switch, as 9 11 took place when it was not supposed to in those who planned it.......again like Benghazi was hijacked by someone reading the intelligence.

When my energy levels reset, I will inquire again about what does not feel right in what I am picking up.

It moves from Philadelphia according to the agenda on the 22nd, into New York City for the 23rd in set up.

I do not yet have direction in how to best direct the time line, as the inner voices are explaining that the Syria Italian scenario could be utilized to bring about the beast or empire........the anti Christ as such events would panic and cause the mark to seal the continent off, and that is God's Time Line for the return of Christ.

A city a sheep
The balance to keep
The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker
The vine dresser, the milker and the hay raker
What is the balance sheet
The child or the field of wheat
I choose the city to fall fast asleep
I choose the shepherd and the flock of sheep

Perhaps more poetic dirgue later.