Saturday, August 13, 2016

Pelosi 2.0

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I was wondering what kind of "sick" messages Nancy Pelosi received in the DNC hack?
Was it:

Jesus saves sinners like you Nancy?

God bless America?

Trump 2016?

Because you have to remember this is the Obamites who have LGBTQers, Anthony Wiener and cackling Hillary over Khadaffi being tortured to death, so with that kind of sickness all over the democrats, just was it "sick" when it comes after that, unless it is all based in the Christians, Patriots, Veterans and Trump supporters who are moral and an antipathy to all things Hillary Clinton.

What interests me in this is is what everyone is deliberately glossing over, and that this was not the DNC computers being hacked, but NANCY PELOSI'S PERSONAL COMPUTER.

GUCCIFER 2.0 got into the Minority Leaders computer, and no one is bothering to explain that one.

So the Lame Cherry will.

Emails From Nancy Pelosi's Personal Computer Out for Everyone ...

Guccifer 2.0 not only hacked all Democrats in Congress, but also got Nancy Pelosi's personal emails off her personal computer.

Understand when it comes to servers, like Mrs. Clintons which are community based or have log in portals to do maintenance or gain access to files, Nancy Pelosi's computer was none of that. Her computer was exactly like your computer, and she was storing all sorts of political data on it.

Logic points to Guccifer cleverly sent out emails from the DNC mail to democrats. Now you have to progress this one out, as one will bet that Mrs. Pelosi is on your tax dollars using Windows, a 1500 dollar computer and it is 10, so it comes with all the Microsoft security. I doubt the old girl turned it off, so Guccifer sent an email, that Nancy opened, and it has a trojan on it, which installed..........ALL WITHOUT SETTING OFF THE ANTI VIRUS.
That is very adept and advanced, as has been the entire operational structure in this from Hillary's email to the DNC, to the GOP.

As those kinds of trojans are not just laying around that do not set off anti virus software or show alerts on installing script, the hypothesis is that while Hillary laid bare the entire computer structure of the American regime, that some enterprising individuals entered into the FBI and NSA file structures of those interesting trojans which they developed with Microsoft to exploit portals in Windows to spy on people.

That is what is interesting in this in how Guccifer got into Pelosi's hard drive and she never had an idea the hacker was there. This is what EMAILGATE looks like and Guccifer has all these goodies, so does everyone else.

I was discussing this with TL today and I find it interesting in the misogyny of those writing of Guccifer in judging this Cybernationalist a male without proof. I have read the files on this gifted hacker and call it remote sensing, but I think I know who Guccifer is, not by personal name, but in ethnicity......and no I have not inquired.

I am not playing coy in this in not revealing my instincts, because Guccifer has enough well paid police state experts hunting this entity without a poor popular girl adding to the always experts. I simply know the feel as I felt the enthics previously and this Guccifer is not Russian.

This though is not about Guccifer, it is about the reality of what is not being asked for some reason, in how was Nancy Pelosi hacked, to cause all of this chaos. Guccifer either got her computer ID as she logged into the DNC mainframe, to track her back, or Guccifer installed the magic trojan and trolled for Pelosi in having emailed the virus by pinging her system or more to the point, Pelosi's computer pinged Guccifer, which is puzzling because this is a high grade trojan and the entire NSA and FBI sweep structures would have picked up this signal automatically, and sooner than later, someone would have had an "Oh shit" moment when they realized someone had installed one of the  regime trojans on Mrs. Pelosi's hard drive.

That kind of thing really pisses off the powerful when they find out their computers have an  NSA or FBI trojan installed on them.

Any way, the Nancy Pelosi drama of making theater about this event, thinking it is political gain, has just confirmed something those in the shadows of the regime hope like hell no one tells Dame Pelosi. That something is there is a trojan operational which has not been picked up, and that concludes it was NSA or FBI created, and we conclude this, due to the reality that no one is being allowed to publish the question as to how a personal computer was opened up with all those Microsoft safety features.

Ms. Pelosi, your Hillary gave the hackers the keys to the computer codex kingdom, and your ignorance has allowed all the Obama police state to not warn you of this, and all the other elite.

If you small minds out there want the Truth. Wikileaks is NOTHING. There are  tetra files out there most likely of information which in this Godless age would still destroy these heinous people, and we are not talking Anthony Wiener sex chat.

Guccifer has left the tower which means Guccifer is somewhere else and the FBI and NSA are trailing that ping of information flow at the top levels, because the bottom feeders have no idea this was taking place as none of their data mining sent out an alert.

This is the high grade stuff and the Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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