Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Proof in the Press of Hillary Clinton's Brain Disease

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Rense.com had the above photo as the caption in the long series of proofs of Hillary Clinton's brain disease, but something else caught my attention, and that is the reaction from trained reporters whoring for Mrs. Clinton.

Observe the reaction from these three reporters, and in each case, you are witnessing a human reacting to something they are either repulsed by, confused by or puzzled by.

This is the repulsed by reporter. This woman is mimicking Hillary Clinton's facial recoil in a brain freeze and she reacts to not desiring to be around whatever is plaguing Mrs. Clinton as she does not want to catch it.

The next is the confused by reporter, who can see something is wrong with this old woman, but is driven in her youth to do her job, but is trying to process in her confusion that she is seeing a sick old woman having an attack.

Lastly, we have the veteran male journalist. He is skeptical from years at this, and while not being lured in by any of the dog and pony show of Hillary Clinton, even he is puzzled by what he is witnessing in he is questioning what the hell is wrong with this old woman.

The press of course knows Mrs. Clinton is sick. This though in the Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter is exposing that moment when Hillary Clinton went brain freeze, and what her willing press' facial recognition was. They were repulsed, confused and puzzled. Their expressions prove that something is wrong with Hillary Clinton, and these are people who deal with manipulative politicians, rapists, terrorists and murders. They have seen it all, but this is something they have not seen before.

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